No cap ! how long do you think you can last with her on your dick ?

2022.01.18 06:45 yvesdan78 No cap ! how long do you think you can last with her on your dick ?

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2022.01.18 06:45 papimolester Omnicron.

Why are people such assholes I just got covid and I'm sure it's because I went to the hospital and this guy didn't keep any distance and started coughing like an ass. And when I told him to get back a few meters he got offended ... I have a flight in two days now I have to be in isolation because of that mf.
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2022.01.18 06:45 DartBatiatus This is going to be BBIG day and even BBIGer week.

BBIG Pre-Market Quotes
This page refreshes every 30 seconds.
Data last updated Jan 18, 2022 04:42 AM ET.
Consolidated Last Sale $4.63 +0.56 (+13.76%)
Pre-Market Volume1,044,536
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2022.01.18 06:45 bobbyUP-MKII Leah Marie Sands

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2022.01.18 06:45 DisneyDilemmaBot How to Act Like a Hipster

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2022.01.18 06:45 stockinvest-us EWBC: Signal Alert - PivotPoint bottom identified

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2022.01.18 06:45 waterproof77 I wish my dad was like that

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2022.01.18 06:45 warrior641 Which one is usually more physically attractive, gold diggers or clout chasers?

To me, it’s seems like a lot of gold diggers are very attractive and I don’t think I have ever seen an ugly gold digger and if I have to be with one of the two it would be a gold digger.
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2022.01.18 06:45 Li_Jingjing While the FBI now is praising Martin Luther King Jr, it once plotted to "neutralize" him, spying on him, blackmailing him, and calling him an “evil, abnormal beast”. A 1999 civil court case revealed that US police agencies were even involved in assassinating MLK. Source from The Grayzone.

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2022.01.18 06:45 benjhs Well, that was quite the trio's game. Server fight for Scrabpeak at Fishery!

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2022.01.18 06:45 Excellent-Magician87 (Phase 2, Film 6) Aquaman: The Hunt of the Manta

Chris Hemsworth - Aquaman
Micheal B Jordan - Black Manta
Gal Gadot - Mera
Paul Giamatti - Scavenger
Matt Mercer - King Shark
Javier Bardem - Fisherman
Jacob Latimore - Aqualad
Plot: Aquaman lives a famous life both on the surface and under it, as a famous Justice League Member, but he tired of the adoration he receives from the masses, and prefers his more sheltered life. Unwilling to listen to his wife’s consoling and slowly drifting more cold and vindicative, everything changes when his palace is bombed by a large fishing vessel. Stranded and alone he befriends a young but talented Asgardian youth, who helps him defeat an army of mercenaries. We then see the black manta, lamenting his sons death as he drinks an experimental Lex-Corp super drug, giving him strength and speed comaparable to one of a Kryptonian, the result of Lex Luthor Jr’s experiments on Zod. We also see inside his elaborate workshop, where he works constantly, building and shaping new machinery for him and his accomplices. We see Aquaman and Aqualad encounter their first real struggle in King Shark, who smacks Aquaman around until he opens up and lets Aqualad help him. Accepting Aqualad and taking him in as a sort of Protege, Aquaman returns to his palace to find Scavenger and Fisherman there, Scavenger’s new hulking Armor proves formidable for Aquaman, allowing the nifty Fisherman to escape by forcing Aqualad to have to focus on Scavenger. They eventually destroy the robot and save Mera, trapped inside of a cage, unconscious so she doesn’t use her powers to break free. They wake her and she escapes to assist them. Aquaman apologised to her as they all chase the fisherman, who they seem to subdue until Black manta emerges from hiding, greatly overpowering and out speeding Aquaman, Stabbing him severely as he detonates a remote detonator, forcing the hero to watch as Atlantis is engulfed in flame and explosion. Dying and at his lowest, Aquaman curses the fates as he reaches desperately for his trident, blood spurting from his mouth as it’s too far, Suddenly, Aqualad picks it up and hands it to the fallen king, helping him up as the trident heals his wounds. The final battle begins King Shark brawls Aqualad through the burning city of Atlantis, destroying the already crumbling city as they battle, eventually a trident is impaled through king shark’s chest as Aqualad summons lightning to siphon through it. At the palace, the final battle begins, with Aquaman and Black Manta battling, Aquaman outmatched until Mera comes to help him, she twists the water around black manta to throw him off but is intercepted by Fisherman, who is defeated by being smashed against a palace pillar, causing the roof to come down on the two main battlers, Black Manta’s lighting saves them both from the crushing but also gives Aquaman time to attack his visor, breaking the glass and looking into the face of the man he is fighting, Black manta is downed and Aquaman hold his trident to the man’s face, the villain calling for death, Aquaman spares him as he is apprehended by authorities, he states his want for revenge as his Accomplices are rounded up with him
Post Credits 1: Brainiac’s ship looms over the solar system, meanwhile Lexcorp busies themselves with creating a clone of Superman, it being younger then the hero.
Post Credits 2: A pale girl with dark hair shuffles about a rainy street under the cover of darkness, she meets with a boy at the zoo who possesses green skin and a cocky additude, she warns him of the coming of her father, how he selected a mortal from earth to be his champion, an assassin known as Slade Wilson
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2022.01.18 06:45 podkayne3000 The Omicron surge hasn't peaked nationwide, and 'the next few weeks will be tough,' US surgeon general says

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2022.01.18 06:45 crvenkapica_011 10 stvari koje tokom zime nikada ne bi trebalo da ostavljate u svom automobilu

10 stvari koje tokom zime nikada ne bi trebalo da ostavljate u svom automobilu
Svakodnevno u svojim automobilima zaboravljamo mnoge stvari. Neke i namerno ostavljamo, da bismo ih imali pri ruci, i ne bismo stalno morali stalno da ih nosimo do auta i vraćamo nazad, kući. Ali neke od njih ne podnose dobro zimske temperature, pa smo zato za vas pripremili spisak od 10 stvari koje tokom zime nikada ne bi trebalo da ostavljate u svom automobilu.
Svi smo mi više puta u životu izgubili ili zaboravili negde ključeve, kišobran ili rukavice. U taksiju, javnom prevozu ili iznajmljenom automobilu, to svakako može da nam se dogodi bilo gde. Nekad se vratimo i nađemo svoje stvari, a nekad ih izgubimo nepovratno. Ali da se vratimo na naš spisak stvari koje baš i ne vole hladnoću.
#1. Lekovi Mnogi ljudi svoje dnevne doze lekova ostavljaju u kolima kao podsetnik da ih ponesu sa sobom na posao, ili kao neku vrstu rezerve. Ali zimske temperature ponekad mogu biti veoma niske, što može umanjiti efikasnost lekova. Tvrde pilule i kapsule bi trebalo da busu najmanje pogođene, ali tečni lekovi i injekcije mogu biti izmenjeni niskom temperaturom. Osim ako nije posebno prepisano da bi lekove trebalo držati u frižideru, čuvajte svoje lekove na sobnoj temperaturi, da biste održali njihovu moć.
#2. Naočare Ako ostavite naočare za čitanje ili za sunce u automobilu tokom zimskih meseci, možete otkriti da će postati krte i lako lomljive. Ekstremno niske temperature mogu oštetiti sočiva izazivajući njihovo širenje i skupljanje, dok okviri mogu postati podložni pucanju. Delimično je bolja situacija ako ih ostavite u futroli, ali bi to svakako trebalo izbegavati.
#3. Muzički instrumenti Bilo da se radi o vašem sopstvenom, ili instrumentu vaše dece, ne ostavljajte ga u automobilu i uvek ga nosite sa sobim unutra, da biste izbegli oštećenje koje može nastati zbog hladnoće. Violine, gitare i violončela, kao i drugi drveni instrumenti, odložni su skupljanju i širenju na niskim temperaturama, što može oštetiti ili slomiti spojeve lepka, čineći ih nemogućim za sviranje. A da ne govorimo o tome što im može uraditi vlaga. Zato ih nikada ne ostavljajte u automobilu, ni zimi ni leti, pošto im to definitivno ne prija, a nisu baš tako jeftini da to ne bi bila velika šteta.
#4. Baterije Ako ste u iskušenju da ostavite paket AA baterija u automobilu “za svaki slučaj”, razmislite ponovo. Uvidećete da će vaše baterije ranije ostati bez energije zbog niske temperature, koja utiče na elektrohemijske reakcije unutar svake baterije, a one alkalne mogu čak i da puknu ili iscure.
#5. Prenosni računari i moblini telefoni
Slično razlozima zbog kojih je ostavljanje baterija u automobilu tokom zime loša ideja, elektronski uređaji će proći podjednako loše zbog toga što će njihove unutrašnje litijum-jonske baterije biti ugrožene hladnim vremenom. Skupu elektroniku takođe treba izneti iz automobila preko noći, da ne biste ostali bez nje. Može da se pokvari, a može i da “dobije noge”.
#6. Flaširana voda Otvorenu bocu vode, koja je ostavljena u automobilu tokom zime, ne bi trebalo popiti. Iako nije posebno štetno, nikad ne znate koliko se mikro bakterijskih čestica nakupilo u vodi koja je bila izložena različitim temperaturama. Naročito kada je u pitanju voda u plastičnim flašama.
#7. Aerosoli Možda je zgodno imati u automobilu limenku dezodoransa da ga imate pri ruci, ali aerosoli mogu postati opasni pri izlaganju ekstremnoj hlanoći. Niska temperatura može dovesti do destabilizacije limenke pod pritiskom, što može dovesti do pukotina ili čak eksplozije limenke. Isto važi i za lak za kosu, boju u spreju, ili WD-40. Limenka je limenka.
#8. Konzervirana hrana Kada je u pitanju nozervirana hrana, temperature smrzavanja mogu učiniti suprotno od očuvanja svežine. Ako je poklopac neoštećen, hrana će možda ostati jestiva, ali ako jeste – ne rizikujnte, bacite je.
#9. Gazirana pića Svoje omiljeno gazirano piće nikada ne ostavljajte u automobilu preko noći na temperaturama ispod nule. Lako vam se može dogoditi da morate da perete kompletan enterijer svog automobila, jer je limenka eksplodirala. Zamrznuto gazirano piće će se širiti dok se smrzava, dok će ugljen-dioksid koji je u limenci pod pritiskom dovesti do eksplozije. A znate već, sva ta pića sadrže neki oblik šećera, zbog čega će biti veliki problem oprati automobil. Zato, ne rizikujte. Popijte svoje piće, pa bacite limenku u korpu za otpatke, ili je prilikom izlaska iz auta ponesite sa sobom.
#10. Boje u limenkama Ako planirate renoviranje svog stana, obavezno iznesite limenke boje iz automobila. Sastojci boja pod uticajem hladnoće mogu da se smrznu, rašire limenku, zgrudvaju se i na kraju učine boju potpuno neupotrebljivom.
Za kraj… Kao što postoje određene stvari koje mogu oštetiti visoke temperature ako ih leti ostavite u automobilu, nešto slično im se može dogoditi i zimi, jer i hladnoća ima negativan uticaj na mnogo toga, pa možete doživeti i nešto što niste očekivali. Ne samo da vas ovo može koštati dosta novca zbog lomljenja nekih predmeta, već može uticati i na vaše zdravlje. Zato ključne stvari uvek iznosite iz automobila u kuću, gde je toplije i bezbednije.
A ovo se naročito odnosi na iznajmljene automobile, jer ako se desi da vam u autu eksplodira limenka ili nešto slično, šteta načinjena na vozilu će vas koštati mnogo više nego što ste izdvojili za iznajmljivanje automobila. Više o tome možete pročitati na našem sajtu u uslovima korišćenja. A za sva ostala pitanja, ljubazno osoblje rent a car agencije Menadžer, stoji vam na usluzi.
Izvor: Menadžer express
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2022.01.18 06:45 HideousRed How hard is to cause serious injury when doing a liver punch/kick?

Just wandering if its a common occurance that after a liver shot the boxer has to go to the hospital
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2022.01.18 06:45 Ashamed_Trick_3335 Genesect 6384 8910 7048

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2022.01.18 06:45 Ikias_es Result screen explanation.

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2022.01.18 06:45 eliaspen18 i’m in love with 5b nathaniel he’s so soft (peep indie photobombing)

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2022.01.18 06:45 MavericksVDM In a perfect South Africa with no crime and no poverty in every province; where would you chose to live?

View Poll
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2022.01.18 06:45 True_Comfortable_170 Someone used AvPD to justify being intentionally hurtful in order to push me away. I myself have AvPD as a comorbidity.

Somebody I knew for a long time seemingly fed into my emotions and feelings for them just to eventually completely discard me and tell me my existence violates their boundaries. This person used AvPD as an explanation. They provided me with a lot of insults and degradation before blocking me. Ironically, this has compounded my self loathing and ensuing desire to avoid intimate interactions with others. I have always had cripplingly low self esteem and a lot of self hatred, and I've always been too scared to draw much attention to myself out of a fear of ridicule, but I cared about this person so much. Too much. I saw an incredible amount of good in them. Trying to get closer to them completely backfired and they attributed their treatment of me to AvPD, coupled with the fact that I'm a piece of shit. This experience has left me so deeply lonely, confused, depressed, and convinced of my worthlessness. I try to fight those feelings, and I can trudge through the days and keep my shit together for the most part, but the nights alone are really hard. I don't ever want to try to have a meaningful connection with anyone again lol.
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2022.01.18 06:45 anonymous_b-e-i-n-g Redesigning your OCs! Offline codes only. ^-^

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2022.01.18 06:45 wweyesss Beth Phoenix dominates Eve Torres 😈😈😈

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2022.01.18 06:45 WattSparky Just some nice old batts I was surprised how good their condition was, even though they have been sat in an old door bell chime for years. I would have just posted to my profile but I had to tag a group so sorry about that :)

Just some nice old batts I was surprised how good their condition was, even though they have been sat in an old door bell chime for years. I would have just posted to my profile but I had to tag a group so sorry about that :) submitted by WattSparky to electrical [link] [comments]

2022.01.18 06:45 MartinBjorra Replay tool

Hi! I've been playing league on and off for several years, and peaked in season 6 and 7. Recently, I've found newfound joy in playing and I want to improve. I need to fix the bad habits I have kept and find back to the good habits I used to have, and I've found that the best way of doing so is to look at replays from my own POV. I remember there used to be a tool that showed replay of your most recent games, from your pov, with bookmarks on kills, deaths and objective kills. It was very effective, and easy to use. Does this tool, or a similar one, still exist? If so, would you be as kind as to tell me where I can get it?
Thank you very much!
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2022.01.18 06:45 10XEngine Dont Play Games

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2022.01.18 06:45 hellec123 Gotta drink it!

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