Are you a good boy?

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2022.01.18 06:51 hellec123 Are you a good boy?

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2022.01.18 06:51 Sorin61 Earth’s Interior Is Cooling “Much Faster Than Expected”

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2022.01.18 06:51 USAdrop P.O.D.(Print on Demend) vs Brand vs Customize

Hello, USAdrop is here. We used to talk about the types of online stores, and we know there is a type of online store is “brand’ store.
So, today I’d like to tell you more details about branding and customizing.
Why branding and customizing are the uptrend of dropshipping?
With the serious homogeneity of products on the market, the cost of acquiring customers on major traffic platforms has soared. Most dropshippers have found that the marketing cost of promotion on their dropshipping stores has also increased, and it is not easy to obtain ideal traffic and results through conventional ways.
Therefore, dropshippers need to do a good job in the refined operation of their dropshipping stores, pay attention to the conversion rate, retention rate, and repurchase rate of customers, as well as increase the proportion of direct traffic in order to better get out of the vicious cycle of high marketing costs. This is why we need to pay more attention to the branding and customizing of your dropshipping business in the later stage.
How to do branding and customizing for your dropshipping business?
1.Customizing Your Products and Packages
If you have done marketing for your store and brand on some platform and have also spent a lot of money to promote it, and then print your brand or store logo on your products, doing all this can help you maximize the benefits.Because when the customers receive the packages, the logo printed on the packages and products can help you achieve secondary promotion for your brand, which can make a deeper impression of your brand on your customers and increase the repurchase rate of your store.
USAdrop can offer this service for you. You can click here to sign up for an account for free and tell your personal agent that you are interested in this service, and then they will tell you more details about the cooperation.
2.Turn Your Dropshipping Business into P.O.D (Print on Demand) Mode(We will explain it in detail on another blog)
Why choose POD mode?
(1) Accurate target group and high conversion rate
(2) Large premium space and high profit
(3) A wide range of operational themes and diversified marketing
(4) The popularity of POD is increasing dramatically, and there is a lot of space for sustainable development Two modes of POD
① Basic: The most common mode is that POD sellers provide the templates which the images have already been designed for customers to choose from or the customers can send the images they want, and the sellers will send back the photoshopped images to show the effect.
DIY: Different from the Basic mode, some POD stores allow self-help DIY design; customers can upload materials to edit text, preview in real-time, obtain the desired effect, achieve efficient customization, and be more personalized and diversified. But this mode has a problem: it may cause a low repurchase rate and high customer order costs.
However, the quality and timeliness of the products are important factors in any POD mode that affect whether the POD store can develop for a long time.
So, how can USAdrop help you boost your POD business?
1. High Quality of Product 50+ customized factories with exclusive supply chain to meet the production needs of various front-end products.
With 200+ customized popular products keeping close to the market trend, the current hot-selling products are updated in time, and the business of developing new products can also be provided according to customer needs to increase the diversity of customers' selection (for example, Squid Games, which was popular all over the country before, has nearly 50+ SKUs in our warehouse).
We have strict process management and strict quality requirements to ensure the quality of each product.
2. Fast Shipping Time
We cooperate with 15+ large shipping carriers because we have a lot of orders that need to process every day, so it allows us to have priority delivery. For shipping from China to the USA, we only need 5 to 8 days (with real tracking time). The USA isn't the only country, though. We also can fast ship to countries all over the world.
If you have any questions about us or any suggestions, you can email us at:
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2022.01.18 06:50 AzureousHarlequin Hair Care is not just about products!

TLDR: don't focus on products, focus on encouraging your curl clumps while your hair is wet/damp. Do this by scrunching/squish-to-condish.
I see a lot of posts on here about people asking what products to use (or why their products aren't working) and a lot of advice about using products to fix a certain trouble someone has with their hair.
I just want to share some wisdom I learned from my own hair journey!
Water is your best friend! Encouraging your natural curls and waves is all about what you do with your hair while wet + damp. Do your brushing before or while shampooing. When it's time to apply or rinse out your conditioner, begin "scrunching" or "squish to condish". This really helps to get you hair to gather into its natural "clumps"
To scrunch, turn your head sideways then with palm open and up, gently raise your hand perpendicular to your head to gather your heair from bottom up in your hand. Near the roots, close your hand to give your hair a gentle squeeze. Repeat over and over to all sides of your head (especially upside down if you're looking for volume).
I find that leave in conditioner and gel is typically enough for my hair (one to give me moisture and one to help my curls hold). When applying these, I rub them over my hands so the product is evenly spread out, then I just scrunch my hair.
To dry, either diffuse using the same motion as scrunching (don't blow your hair hair like you're in a covergirl commercial. Think of it like you're pressing on a spring with the head of the diffuser and your hair is the spring). If air drying, don't touch your hair as it dries!!!! Look into root clipping if the top is looking a bit flat.
(Disclaimer: this is only my experience and I understand that for some people, product choice may be the most helpful thing for their hair!)
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2022.01.18 06:50 _Nurax Chemtech Dragon spawns

Is it just me or does the Chemtech Dragon have an increased rate for becoming soul drake? Me and my friends literally get chemtech soul around 6/10 games which is just annoying if you are trying to play qiyana…
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2022.01.18 06:50 One-Breadfruit-244 CONFESSION: I Got Tired Of Living A Lie So I Stopped Going To Church

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2022.01.18 06:50 Accomplished-Use-833 I think I’m going to get my hair permed like this for Summer..

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2022.01.18 06:50 Cilly2010 I've just started seeing a fella - I need date ideas

Per the title. He's in Dublin, I'm in Kildare, I drive so anywhere in Leinster I suppose. Nice restaurants, walks, things to see sort of thing. I'm trying to disguise the fact for at least a few weeks that I'm a boring shite whose idea of recreation is a football/hurling match and a pint afterwards for the post mortem.
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2022.01.18 06:50 TweetArchiveBot Helen Zille: @Saneleb26 @camerondugmore @Sentletse That policy was introduced under Mmusi. When I came back, we recognised it as cadre deployment and the policy was rescinded. That is the fact.

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2022.01.18 06:50 Mohd-Bu This signboard has a typo.

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2022.01.18 06:50 aSturdyBlanket :3

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2022.01.18 06:50 yskbot-ssi YSK that if you're using a USB stick with a mouse, it's likely you need a mouse with a mousepad. If you're using a mouse with a keyboard, it's probably not a good idea to use a mousepad with a mouse!

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2022.01.18 06:50 GSWoof Looking for someone to help me understand how to create custom classes. I wanna get into modding butother than skins and some basic code knowladge i have no expierience.

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2022.01.18 06:50 jw_photography ITAP of an escalator

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2022.01.18 06:50 8chon did Lonnie attack Catra as a preteen?

One thing I always wondered w/ the flashback shown in Corridors is why they never showed Catra hitting Lonnie or what preceded it.
All we have is Adora's narration of how she perceived the situation...
We're led to believe that Lonnie did nothing wrong and purely "someone is talking to Adora, I must hit them" was Catra's motive.
But couldn't there be more to the situation? What if Lonnie had bullied Catra in the past? Or what if Catrad had overheard Lonnie making plans to prank Adora in a Carrie-style fashion with a fake friendship?
I'm wondering if Catra had more complex motives for hitting Lonnie and that maybe why she lashed out and slashed Adora's face was how it seemed like Adora was assuming Catra was in the wrong.
Adora basically was asking Catra to apologize before asking "what happened?"
She did eventually ask "why'd you do it?" but she asked in a way as if it could never possibly be justified.
It makes me wonder if Adora actually witnessed something bad happening to Catra and Catra was angry for Adora at not interpreting it.
I remember Adora said "we were just having fun".
Does that mean Adora+Lonnie were playing together and Catra witnessed it... or did it mean perhaps that Lonnie was verbally abusing Catra (maybe mocking her tail/ears) and Adora laughed along with it?
Perhaps Adora didn't realize that a "joke" hurt Catra's feelings and that's part of why Catra lashed out at her physically too?
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2022.01.18 06:50 Independent-Truck569 Friends will be friends

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2022.01.18 06:50 somesedup Is he really ashamed of having slept with me or why he denies it in front of people?

HE -26 M
ME -21 F
I work at a university print/copy center and there is a guy who does some post university studies. He is very smart and looks very good and every time he comes to print him something we talk a lot and he is very cool, shows respects and he is funny. I like flirting around with guys who come to me to print them stuff but I never actually done anything with them. I felt him special
I have been crushing on him and one night I missed the bus. He was there and offered to give me a ride home. I stay with an older lady ( I pay rent) and I told him she is already asleep - it was 9 pm and I don't want to bother her as she is grumpy as hell. He then asked me to sleep at his place. We weren't close but neither strangers so I felt safe. And I was infatuated with him. So we get to his place, he takes me to an unoccupied room. But I didn't want him to go to his bedroom, as he intended and I started flirting with him and asked him to sit on bed with me. We had some wine and in the end we had sex.
The stupid me was so proud about this that I bragged to my friends and in 2-3 days a lot of people, his colleagues included knew about this. His father is a teacher at the university too and he found out too. There wasn't a scandal, but gossips and stuff. The thing is this guy who was very nice with me, probably got very mad at me for bragging about what happened that is now calling me a sl-t and a w-ore and denies it all. I didn't see him since that night and I never had his number or facebook. Should I do something about this or just move on, as it was indeed my fault for having a big mouth
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2022.01.18 06:50 bolly0007 any bi or straight bud who can feed bollywood actress and watch me cum on fast

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2022.01.18 06:50 Electronic-Ad8351 International students, what process did you do and how long did it take to be accepted to the school and country?

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2022.01.18 06:50 Jacob_is_cool69 Finally Got Honey Mask!

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2022.01.18 06:50 elevendigits 220118 Rosé IG Story Update

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2022.01.18 06:50 Critical-Champion365 Will legend CS beckam come in a box draw? (Or efp shop)

I'm saving up my gp for any different legend box draw that is not the usual and recurring 4 sets. Is there any chance that beckam or rumi will come in a box draw or even in efp shops? I started not the game not that long ago and eagerly waiting for one of them to come. Any idea?
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2022.01.18 06:50 ann_onimous1 Out of all the things I lost when my BF left, I think losing his mom hurt the most :(

It’s been two months and I miss that woman like crazy.
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2022.01.18 06:50 Bern_Down_the_DNC Request: How to make Chessbase label "Bongcloud" and other unorthodox opening lines?

For example, "Bongcloud" and "Mikenas/Lundin Defense" etc. are not labeled next to their appropriate ECO codes in the mega database superkey. Obviously this is a huge problem that must be rectified immediately.
Trying to avoid typing in every single one myself. Maybe someone can just upload a key they have already edited? Or maybe there is another way to do make Chessbase display labels appropriately?
Thank you.
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2022.01.18 06:50 MilanMM99 Who else won on the Christmas Bingo? 😁

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