My boyfriend just left

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2022.01.18 06:49 MillysToday My boyfriend just left

My boyfriend of 7 years just left to think about our relationship because he is not happy and thinks I am not happy too. He’s gone now for one day and i feel so broken, i want to talk and make it work, but i feel embarrassed. He also told pur parents that he left.
Before he went he told me that this wasn’t a real break up and that we are still together.
I am so hurt and don’t know what to do. Sure we had Problems but I thought we could manage them and then he just left.
And I sit here in our living room, wondering if he will still come back and it hurts so much.
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2022.01.18 06:49 CKsTechnologyNews Make debugging suck less. Keep a logbook.

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2022.01.18 06:49 Sea_Discussion_8126 Manticore mags?

Has anyone tried manticore / prepper gun shop scorpion mags in their lingle or a3 lower? how did they run?
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2022.01.18 06:49 MarianneJohn If you were president, what is the first thing you would do?

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2022.01.18 06:49 BBB0y Finished a render course. Not that easy πŸ˜…. 🀟❀️ Love it πŸ‘

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2022.01.18 06:49 UnderstandingSharp27 [FS] [EU] Jordan 1 RSBB and Black toe size US13 from Muks

Selling my AJ1 RSBB and Black toe from Muks for 125 euro shipped each. PayPal Friends and family. Only worn a few times. Please reach out if you have any questions.
RSBB US13: - 125 euro
Black toe US13: - 125 euro
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2022.01.18 06:49 YadMada Dafaq! Straight of the bat I get Messi.. unbelievable.

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2022.01.18 06:49 UpBeat-User Roadmap for learning python

Hi there, I'm looking to learn python (absolute beginner in coding) and looking for a roadmap to learn python.
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2022.01.18 06:49 No_Entertainer_3447 Erica Fett (@erica.fett)

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2022.01.18 06:49 Sonochinosadamejoj Yalls remember when jay used wind once?

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2022.01.18 06:49 Nancy4423 My Hero Academia Hoodie Anime Cosplay Costume Sweatshirt Izuku Midoriya Hoodies Training Suit Jacket Adult Unisex{End Date: 2022-1-24} [Code: T4254JUU] (50%)-$13.49

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2022.01.18 06:49 MarquisAesir Updating GOG games

So I got a GOG game from gog downloads and it was of a previous version, there was an update and they don't have a patcher for it, So is it okay to install the game on top of the previous version of the game or do I have to uninstall the original game and install the new version?
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2022.01.18 06:49 svanapps North Korean hackers said to have stolen nearly $400 million in cryptocurrency last year

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2022.01.18 06:49 johnnybassoon Anthropology research that might become impossible

Ok, this is very controversial, but I was wondering if there are any aspects of anthropology (namely related to genetics and the paleolithic) that it will become increasingly harder to research in the future due to modern population movements?
Presently, there are still populations that descend from ancient population s still in situ, but as me migrate more this will be less and less likely. Is there a bit of a race against time, to research genetic groupings before they are too dispersed?
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2022.01.18 06:49 penguinswithtuxedos I feel overwhelmed but I want to get into rap music

I just want to appreciate the art of rap because it’s so fun to read the lyrics and see how they connect and rhyme. So far, I know DOOM is good so I’ve been listening to a few songs on Madvillainy.
Also please suggest girl rappers too, (so far, I have only seen guy rappers on this sub so I’ve been wondering if there are any girls who are just as good)
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2022.01.18 06:49 insert_meme_here__ whats ur score 😳

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2022.01.18 06:49 Chiefian London Eye, shot from near Embankment on a cold but sunny winters' day.

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2022.01.18 06:49 MaLuHo84 YUZU and VVS - spot the differences

YUZU and VVS - spot the differences After I got involved in VVS on Chronos (the first DEX), I made a mistake by swapping CRO to VVS and enjoy the high APR in LP such as CRO-VVS. After a steep climb in VVS price, it fell and just kept falling. So I reminded myself when I got into YUZU: get in early, take some profit and swap back quickly. Or just add 'solid' liquidity such as wROSE-weUSDT and enjoy the profits until it drops. YUZU proved me right - just look at these charts! If YUZU will follow VVS's path, it might drop to around $0.50.
I like both projects, don't get me wrong. But it seems that the usability of these tokens (VVS and YUZU) are a bit onedimensional. At least for the regular user such as myself.
Guess my lesson is: keep your head cool when you get involved in these projects and expect these kind of price movements. You can still enjoy these tokens with your strategy, just don't make the mistake I made by swapping too many good CRO/ROSE to unpredictable VVS/YUZU :) NFA
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2022.01.18 06:49 leeroysack I am Rick Spielman's nephew and I made a mock draft.

Didn't even trade back once!
Take that, Uncle Rick...
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2022.01.18 06:49 Feawed_by_jeff I call it the Guardian Of Distortion World or .G.O.D.W.

I call it the Guardian Of Distortion World or .G.O.D.W.
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2022.01.18 06:49 helltoroast How do u layer your tretinoin

View Poll
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2022.01.18 06:49 DarklordDisco bezig met een schoolproject, iemand nog een voorstel om nederlands boegbeeld van kapitalisme toe te voegen?

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2022.01.18 06:49 Far_Vacation_3731 Open Core Boot Menu Boot Loop

My opencore boot menu keeps on boot looping back to the boot menu and in log I get LoadImage failed - Unsupported can anybody help me my system is Hp Pavilion 15 n-238tx i54200u Intel Hd 4400 Nvidia Gt 740m Ddr3l 4gb Ram
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2022.01.18 06:49 ave008li Roedie na het ziekenhuis

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2022.01.18 06:49 GoodTop5372 Planning wife's first threeway πŸ†πŸ‘πŸ† any takers?

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