Need help finding a specific set

2021.12.06 14:06 emilqt Need help finding a specific set

So today at work me and a colleague started to reminiscent about lego when we were younger and a set i had that was my favourite popped into my head and im just trying to find which one it was. I have almost been driving me crazy today trying to find it. Its been over 15 years so my memories is vague so i will try my best to describe it.
The one thing i remember the most is that it used rubber bands and Scissor Mechanism to extend its neck. I want to remember it was some kind of t-rex or a dinosaur but could be wrong about that.
I had it when i was 8-10 years old so i believe the latest year of possible release should be 2005 and around 2003-2005.
I also want to remember the recomended age was 14+ or around that, could be 12-14+
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2021.12.06 14:06 Tiny-Relief-7319 Datasheet import problem

I'm trying to import the imdb datasheet into mysql workbench. what should my create table look like when the datasheet information is as follows;

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2021.12.06 14:06 tandyman234 HeY gUyS i WoRk 7 JoBs FrOm HoMe AnD mAkE 200k. YOu CaN bE LiKe Me!

It all started during COVID, it changed the game. I was sitting at home bored and thought to myself “I sure would like to work shit loads of jobs and make a bunch of money”. So I got on indeed and within three hours I already had started my new 7 different processing jobs. WHO KNEW anyone could do this!! Also, I only work ONE HOUR A DAY!!!
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2021.12.06 14:06 FrontpageWatch2020 [#143|+3468|404] ‘Pulp Fiction’: Quentin Tarantino Rejected Daniel-Day Lewis for Role of Vincent Vega, Opted for John Travolta Instead [r/movies]

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2021.12.06 14:06 lordofthefries21 19m Dating apps has made me completely turned off from dating or pursing a romantic relatons

I’ll start this off by saying I’m an attractive guy, I’m no Leonardo Decaprio but I’m nothing to shrug off. I’ve been trying to find a partner for about a year now and due to lockdown I had to use dating apps to try to find something and have I ever been exposed to the volatile and toxic parts of dating.
I think in my year of dating apps I went on a second date twice; either I end up getting ghosted or led on, I’m completely done with trying to purse a romantic life because I know that it isn’t worth the mental health stress to try to put myself out there just to get ghosted and left to repeat the process over and over again. I’ve never met people with more narcissistic tendencies than woman on dating apps (treading a fine line between ranting and inceldom but I just need to get this off my chest) I’m tired of being treated like an option so I’m not longer interested in pursuing anything that isn’t a one night stand. I cannot mentally deal with these stupid mind games that people play it’s just not worth the energy anymore.
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2021.12.06 14:06 unitempt duper - ne sum tvoj tip, no choveshtvoto ne e moj tip

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2021.12.06 14:06 Inorai [Roots and Steel] Chapter 9 - Sign on the Dotted Line

[Roots and Steel] Chapter 9 - Sign on the Dotted Line

Cover Art| First Chapter | Patreon (~60 chapters available) | Map
The Story Trapped helping the family business instead of hunting fiends, Trellin can't advance within the Hunter's Guild. But when he sneaks out to claim a kill beyond his rank, his rulebreaking puts him dead in the sights of a senior hunter. She offers him a second chance instead of expulsion - join her in the bloody competition for guildmaster. But the contest is tied up in conspiracies and a decade-old murder, and Trellin soon realizes his new benefactor's true goal: Revenge.
By the time I emerged from the armor shop, I was toddling along in a daze. My hair hung in mussed-up clumps, what little order I’d worked the sweat-streaked locked into ruined by the old man tugging this and that over my head. My clothes were crooked, which was understandable considering the speed with which I’d yanked them back on. If I’d waited, he might have come back for another round of measurements.
The first breath of fresh air as I stepped out onto the wooden porch was a palpable relief. I shuddered to a stop, letting my shoulders droop. There. I’d done it. Somehow.
“There you are, lad!”
I looked up. Avira stood from a bench beyond the base of the steps, a crooked grin on her face and a knife still held to her fingernails. Her eyes twinkled. “I began to think I might have to go in after you.”
“Let’s never do that again,” I mumbled. Unsteadily, I descended toward her.
“Come, now,” she said, clapping me on the shoulder when I came within reach. “Being fitted for armor is an ordinary part of a hunter’s life. Don’t be dramatic.”
“Something off the shelf would be fine,” I said. “It’s always been fine up to now.” He’d brought a whole stack of cuirasses into the room—leather, like Avira had asked for, but also cloth with wooden plates. Suits of chainmail. Studded leather, quilted leather, leather with steel plates riveted on top. The shopkeeper’s assistants had emerged seemingly out of nowhere, swirling around me like a hurricane of humankind until it was all I could do to stand there, arms extended, and let them wrap me in measuring tape.
Avira only laughed, sliding her knife back into her sheath. “Nonsense. Something off the shelf, for my shadow? Impossible.” She glanced down to my still-bare feet—something which the shopkeeper had scowled at, his brows pulling together heavily. “Although I’ll have to have words with the master about that.”
“Really, it’s-”
“We’ll find a solution yet, my little zephyr,” she said, her grin widening. “Come along, quick-like. We’ve got much yet to do.”
I narrowly bit back a muttered complaint. She’s helping you, my better thoughts pointed out. She’s buying you gear. Don’t complain. You knew there would be work involved. “H-How much is left, exactly?” I said instead, trying to sound like I wasn’t completely out of my depth already. “Only, I was thinking-”
“A fair bit,” Avira said, already stepping out into the crowd. “I know you must be exhausted, lad, but keep your chin up. We’ve got to hit the ground running. The Festival of Knives begins in a week, which means we’re cutting things tight.”
“I...Yeah,” I mumbled. “I know. Right. So what’s next, then?”
Avira raised a finger, straight toward the looming, red-canvassed tent in front of us.
My lips parted as I stared at it, my eyes rising up the majestic structure. “The guild hall?”
“Quite.” Apparently I’d slowed just enough, because Avira snagged my wrist, hauling me toward the front door. “Come, now, it’s sure to be a kennel-full of idle hunters in there, and we haven’t time to waste. Pick up the pace.”
“Right,” I managed, shouldering past an archer with tattoos completely covering both arms. She barely spared me a glance, deep in debate with her companions. Part of me still expected to be crushed by the senior hunters, slapped aside as I pushed my way through.
Maybe it was Avira’s presence, or maybe none of them noticed me pushing and shoving, but it was only when I burst through the tent flap of the guildhall that I breathed a sigh of relief, slowing a fraction. The comforting, familiar hall rose in front of me—a massive hearth in the center of the room, its chimney ascending to belch smoke through the peak of the tent. Beyond, more traditional doors sprawled out across the back wall, the tent aesthetic fading into something more practical.
Avira strode straight toward the clerk’s desks along one side of the tent, raising a hand to hail one.
A sharply-dressed woman hurried over, a polite smile on her face. “May I help you, huntress?”
“I need to update my registration, and the lad’s,” Avira said, slapping her hands down on the counter. I smothered a snort. The counter was tall, and Avira was not—which left her chin just barely hovering over the wooden surface.
If the clerk thought it was funny, she was better at hiding it than me. “Yes, of course,” she murmured, reaching for a pair of slates. She gestured toward me, and I stepped closer. “And the nature of the change?”
“I’m shadowing the boy,” Avira said absentmindedly, already swiping her hand across the slate. She wore fingerless gloves, but a faint white gleam from beneath revealed her tattoos activating. The slate came alive, spilling words across its surface.
I tried not to look, but there was just so much of it. Maybe the secrets I needed were in there—why this woman who seemed to have strength, money, and connections needed me, a modestly-strengthened leather-tag. And, more importantly, the secrets behind her bid for the gold-tag.
The clerk set another slate down in front of me, and that was enough to pull my eyes free of Avira’s file. “I see,” she said, and the smile she gave me was a little less professional, a little more warm. “Congratulations, hunter.”
“T-Thanks,” I mumbled, waving my hand over the stone slab. My aura prickled. The slate was reading it, I knew, calling up the data saved within my aura just like my tag did. Within a few seconds, words blossomed across its surface.
Not as many as Avira’s. Definitely nowhere near as many. But it had my name, and my rank, and my chosen class, along with the contracts I’d accepted and completed for the guild. I eyed them wistfully. They were all basic affairs, low-rank hunts for grazing animals and low-level pests. My biggest accomplishment thus far was the issachi, which was pointedly absent.
Soon, I whispered to myself, smiling down at the file. Soon, you’ll have a rank you actually deserve, and you’ll fill this profile with accomplishments.
“Here,” the clerk said, sliding the slate around so that she could read it. “If I might assist?”
“Yeah,” I said, grinning nervously. “Sorry.”
“Not at all,” she murmured. Her fingers flew over its surface, and a moment later, she thrust it back toward me. Two boxes waited there now, obscuring my file—labeled Guide and Shadow. “If you are decided, then simply leave your imprint in the respective box on both files.”
“Aye,” I heard Avira say, already pressing her thumb to the box on her file.
I glanced back down to the box, my thoughts whirling. This was it—from here, it would be official, not just a promise. It would be real.
I’d already made up my mind though. With a final thrill, I pressed my thumb to the box labeled Shadow.
Again, something pressed against my aura. When I withdrew my hand, a tiny mark remained behind, an intricate whorl of circles marked with tiny, barely-noticeable thorns. My mark, the imprint of my aura, that denoted my agreement in Hunter business.
“And then exchange,” the clerk said, but Avira had already thrust her file toward me, grabbing mine and pulling it over.
I hesitated for a moment, eyeing Avira’s mark. Normally, a human mark would be mostly akin to mine—concentric circles with the occasional spiral, not unlike a thumbprint. Avira’s mark still carried similarities to that, but shaped out of jagged, flowing lines instead of neat circles. Because of her wraith blood?
I couldn’t exactly sit there all day and stare, though, so I pressed my thumb to the Shadow box, then pushed the slate back across the counter.
“Very good,” the clerk said, inclining her torso in a bow. “Allow me to extend congratulations on the part of the guild to our newest guide and shadow.” Her eyes flicked over to Avira. “Have you-”
“We have an appointment with your imbuer,” Avira said, flapping a hand at her. “In the back, I assume?”
“I-I know the way,” I muttered, stepping away from the desks. “Is it time?”
“Close enough,” Avira said. “Lead on, then, lad.”
With a final, nervous smile toward the clerk, I turned my eyes toward the doors in the back. This was my own guild hall, so I’d certainly been here, but...well, I only had the two tattoos, so I hadn’t seen the imbuer regularly. If I’d been allowed to pass beyond the leather-tag, I’d have other marks by now, strengthening my grip and speeding my feet and giving me any number of other minor increases. There was a reason senior hunters were all covered in the marks, after all.
The door at the back creaked open at my touch, and I hurried down the hallway beyond. Here, the walls were narrower, the ceiling lower. Doors branched off to either side, giving way to offices and armories and meeting rooms layered over with maps.
I kept going, with Avira following along at my heels, through winding hallways that spiraled deeper and deeper, until at last an archway opened to my right. I stepped inside gingerly, coming to a stop.
A man waited inside, clean-cut and young—Imbuer Pekram, if I remembered from my initiation. He looked up, smiling at the sight of us. “Ah. You’re the new shadow, is it?” His eyes drifted over to my companion. “And you are-”
“Avira,” she said, inclining her head. “Thank you for making time for us on such short notice.”
Pekram chuckled to himself, pulling a cart over—one I recognized, covered with pots of ink and an assortment of long, hollowed needles. “Yes, well, with the festival approaching, it’s hardly unusual. Everything begins happening in quick succession, I find.” He eyed me, his smile settling into a more professional demeanor. “And,, are we-”
“Just the bonding band,” Avira said. She was already unbuttoning her armor, sliding out of the leather cuirass and hanging it on a nearby hook. Her coat came off after, then her gloves.
I swallowed. I’d seen the hunters covered in marks standing just outside, but somehow, seeing the tattoos circling Avira’s arms and crawling up the sides of her neck caught me off guard. Most were as jagged as her thumb-mark had been.
Pekram waved me forward toward his bench, though, so I tore my eyes off her and sat. “No need to strip,” he said with a wry grin. “I’ll just need your wrist.”
“U-Uh,” I said, holding both up. “Left, or-”
“The right one,” he said, and patted a leather-wrapped platform. “Right here. The bonding band is a simple mark, so this shouldn’t take long.” He glanced over to Avira. “I’ll need you to-”
“I know,” Avira said dryly. She took a bench alongside me—and her hand dropped over mine, solid and surprisingly warm.
Pekram held a silvered needle, raising it, but paused. His eyes were fixed to Avira’s hand. The usual diamond hunter-mark had been tattooed there, jutting from wrist to middle finger and speckled with symbols around its edge that I lacked.
Rank-marks, I knew, or adjustments to her designated class. I’d been marked as a protector—it seemed fitting, and the shield had suited me—but it was rare for a hunter to make it to the senior ranks without specializing and taking a more advanced class. In the future, I might be a bruiser, shrinking the shield or abandoning it entirely, or perhaps a vanguard, clad head to toe in steel with a shield as tall as I was.
Pekram reached out a finger, though, tapping it against a line at the base of her hunter-mark. A straight line, curled all the way around her wrist.
I furrowed my brow. Something else was there, between the pitch black of the tattoo and the silver chain of her bracelet. Something white and rough, that looked like-
“You already have a band,” Pekram said. He was picking his words carefully, I realized, his face carefully blank. “…”
“The band is inactive,” Avira said. Her voice was light, and her expression soft, but there was a sadness in her yellow eyes. “A relic from my youth. There is no third aura to be worked around.”
Pekram smiled, nodding once. “Thank you, huntress. Just being careful. Now, let’s begin.”
His needle jabbed down into the air between us. My aura flared, firing to life at its approach. Avira’s was there too, I realized. The tattoos up and down her arms were glowing a fierce, cool white-blue against the warm yellow of mine.
The imbuer blinked, his brow furrowing. He was looking at something in the air, I realized—and then I saw it, too. The glowing, gleaming orbs around the both of us. Mine was just a faint shield against the glow of Avira’s, but Pekram stared at it, chewing on his lip.
His eyes dipped to the tag bouncing against my chest, and I flushed. Ah. That.
If he wondered at why my aura was stronger than usual for a leather-tag, well, he kept it to himself. He leaned in without another word. His fingers brushed against my skin, turning my wrist toward him. “We’ll begin with you, then, shadow. This may itch. Please remain still.”
I’d had two marks imbued already, so I was familiar with this. I held myself motionless as he dipped his needle into a tiny pot of ink, already poured for just this occasion.
It wasn’t bad. I’d already found that the gentle pricking and scratching of the needle didn’t bother me, after the first few seconds. It’d been worse for my heritage-mark, the thorns and whorls across my left palm. The wrist was barely even noticeable, after that.
My aura hummed, shifting and reshaping as Pekram’s needle moved in and out. I knew what he was doing—taking my aura and forcing it into my skin, hardening it into preset shapes that would give specific effects. Thus far I’d only gotten the two marks, since having your aura made permanent like this would decrease your energy reserves. Making your bar too small too quickly would be a death sentence for a young hunter. The guild didn’t like to do that.
This, though...It was a tiny mark, just the band around my wrist, and it wasn’t giving me an effect so much as lacing Avira’s aura into mine, mine into hers. I’d heard rumors. We’d be sensitive to each other after today. She’d be able to get a read on me, to know if I was in trouble, and I’d be able to find her again if we became separated.
I did flinch when words flashed up, imposing themselves into the space behind my eyelids. As if he’d been expecting it, Pekram’s hold on me tightened.
Pairbond Complete
Registered: Avira
A warmth washed across my skin, like a breeze had suddenly blown off the hearth, all the way down the hall, and into the imbuer’s room. I relaxed, my eyes widening. I could...I could feel Avira there beside me, as though my aura was singing, resonating against hers.
“There,” Pekram said, releasing me. “You’re complete, shadow. And yours, guide?” He waved his hand toward our hands, collecting a fresh needle. “You can swap, now.”
Avira’s hand loosened from around mine, then shifted, taking a new grip. Pekram leaned over again, starting to get to work.
I watched, fascinated. It was never as pleasant to watch when it was me being jabbed, but...With every confident dip of the needle, our auras coalesced, weaving together into a pale thread that Pekram touched to her skin. With every jab, the rest of the band shimmered, as though welcoming a new companion.
My eyes turned to the second black-inked band. Avira had called it a remnant of her youth. Had she had another shadow in the past? The thought...didn’t quite sit well with me. Had something happened to them? If she’d gotten another young hunter killed, I...kind of felt like I deserved to know that.
You’ve signed yourself over to someone you barely know, my thoughts whispered, most unhelpfully. Don’t be surprised if there are a few shocks in store for you.
All too quickly, Pekram leaned away, dropping the needle into a liquid-filled glass on his cart. Just like that, our auras faded out, leaving the room cold and oddly empty.
“There,” he said, brushing his hands against the sturdy fabric of his pants. “Now.” His gaze turned to me, his lips pursed. “I don’t mean to be nosy, does appear that your shadow’s aura is quite well developed. Normally, a leather-tag wouldn’t be eligible for any additional marks, but as his guide, you do have the authority to requisition them for him. Considering his reserves, I’d be comfortable inking a-”
“Thank you,” Avira said, taking her hand away from mine—and holding it up, the black ink still shimmering, to stop Pekram. “Right now, the bonding band will be sufficient.”
Pekram nodded, but he didn’t quite look satisfied with that. “I understand. Still...there’s no reason not to-”
“The lad’s young enough he hasn’t properly decided on the path he wants to take his class,” Avira said. She stood, then, stretching her arms. The crack of her joints popping in turn was enough to make me shudder. She drifted, wandering toward the wall, and collected her armor and coat from their hooks. “Afore we make his choices permanent with ink, we’ll need to discuss it. Thank you, imbuer.”
Pekram nodded, recognition lighting up his eyes. “Y-Yes, of course. I apologize for overstepping.” He stretched a hand toward the back of the room, where a door stood half-covered by a hide. “If you’d prefer, you can avoid the worst of the chaos through the back.”
Avira grinned, giving him a grateful nod. “I’ll take you up on that. Come on, boy.”
I stumbled away from the bench as if in a daze, hurrying through the door and out into the sunlight. Every few steps, I had to lift my arm, turning it this way and that to watch the complex play of colors. Even after our auras faded, it still carried little glimmers of color and light within it. Now and again I’d seen the same hints of green from within the whorls painting my left hand, but the sight still fascinated me. Whatever process the imbuer used, the inks never faded, so I knew I’d have the rest of my days to spend fascinated.
For now, though, I shielded my eyes, squinting against the renewed glare of the sun. “Uh...Huntress?”
“Avira,” she said with a sigh, shooting an irritated glare back over her shoulder. “Don’t turn into the rest of those bureaucrats on me.”
I grinned. “Avira. What, uh. What did you mean about choosing my class? I’m a protector. And...was that the last of our business for the day?”
Avira chuckled, shaking her head, and shucked back into her coat. “Not yet, lad. We’ll have time to discuss that once we depart. The armorsmith should be ready with the resized gear by tonight. We have an appointment with the weapons master in a few hours.” She arched an eyebrow. “We’ll have to find a replacement for that ridiculous little shield of yours.”
“It’s not ridiculous,” I protested. Her eyebrow arched higher. I shut up, smoldering silently to myself.
“Until then…” She ran a hand through her hair, letting white strands run between her fingers. “I’ve got to fetch a proper aerial unit from the tinkerer. It’s not something I need you there for.”
I perked up. Freedom, finally? If I hurried, I could make it back to the Roots before the noontime meal ended. “Then, I’ll-”
“There’s a fair bit of time left,” Avira said, nodding to herself. Her eyes fixed on mine—and she grinned, long and languid. “Why don’t you make the most of it, lad?”
I already knew she wasn’t talking about a meal and a bath. “But, maybe, could I-”
She tapped a finger against the freshly-inked line of her tattoo. “I’ll find you when it’s time for our next appointment.”
“But I-”
“Work hard,” she purred.
Protesting was useless. I gave her a final look, scowling furiously, and then turned away.
Slowly, laboriously, I started to run.
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2021.12.06 14:06 OrwellWasRight69 Travel Restrictions Have Already Failed Against The Omicron Variant

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2021.12.06 14:06 spideyfan29 my Marvel stock certificate was issued 25 years ago today. Marvel filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy three weeks later

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2021.12.06 14:06 agnclay Colombia launches strategy, deploys investigation officers to tackle environmental crimes like illegal mining and animal trafficking

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2021.12.06 14:06 kacieshorses Tall boots help

Anyone have a good rec for a comfortable all day type of tall riding boot that fits the apparently extremely odd size combo of XS calf and 9.5 foot?
I love my ariat v sports, but have them in a slim calf that has gotten so baggy (9.5/XS calf isn’t an option.) My Tredsteps in this size combo fit perfect, but are not comfortable for all day wear like the vsports are. I wanted to try ariats ascent talls bc I love the how sneaker-like they are but they don’t make them in my size combo. I’d love to get a custom pair someday but not in the cards rn and also these types are usually more “dressy” from what I’ve seen, but I might be mistaken
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2021.12.06 14:06 FrontpageWatch2020 [#644|+651|7] PIC [r/nocontextpics]

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2021.12.06 14:06 ItsBigSoda Replaced joystick modules, now I have unusable sticks

I’m not really sure where I went wrong. I had stick drift on my controller, so I opted to de solder them, and replace them with new ones. I confirmed that they were 100% working, as they were installed on another controller.
After soldering them in, I now have insanely bad stick drift on the left stick, that even 100% dead zone can’t fix, and the right one just has a massive dead zone. Both sticks also only report that they engage ~80% when fully pulled. I didn’t damage anything when de soldering and adding the new one, so the only thing I can really think of is that the sticks were calibrated for a different controller, thus causing my issue.
Does anyone have any theories as to why this happened? Before I write off my scuf as a loss lol
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2021.12.06 14:06 Supernovae78 No deeper meaning (airplay mix) - Culture Beat [7" vinyl single] UHD

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2021.12.06 14:06 rrrreda Leave insider program

long story short, I entered the insider program as a Dev which was stupid of me, now I can’t unenroll it and all switches are greyed out, Is there a way to fix it?
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2021.12.06 14:06 FrontpageWatch2020 [#212|+5669|246] Expert mode supremacy [r/Terraria]

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2021.12.06 14:06 TheBishopPiece When you’re a clone pilot and you’ve dropped off the main characters

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2021.12.06 14:06 soaked_in_mud This manager is ranked 531st in the world and hasn't made a single transfer all season

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2021.12.06 14:06 FrontpageWatch2020 [#386|+1319|44] Set of "Kingdom of Heaven" (2004, my photo) [r/AccidentalRenaissance]

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2021.12.06 14:06 Dry-Truck2608 My first ever rank 30! It aint much but its honestly work.

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2021.12.06 14:06 kbaker1993 reshiram 5741 0825 9799 & 9722 8122 7321

5741 0825 9799
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2021.12.06 14:06 9-Cortes É óbvio mas tem que falar!

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2021.12.06 14:06 UnitedPatriot65 Shitty roadside motel starterpack.

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