I got hurt on the job. My Dr. said that they need to get me fixed quickly otherwise I'd become "DECONDITIONED" to work. WTF?

2021.12.06 13:50 Bats4Noise I got hurt on the job. My Dr. said that they need to get me fixed quickly otherwise I'd become "DECONDITIONED" to work. WTF?

I think this was a major moment when my feelings about work in general started to shift. I used to be a software developer doing UX. I'd been in tech for almost 20 years and then very rapidly developed nerve damage that made my job impossible. I went to a specialist and they immediately put me on work comp. None of the treatments worked and his frustration wasn't that I was in pain but he was concerned I would become "DECONDITIONED" to working. That's right. DECONDITIONED. I was so insulted. I'd suffered a major injury and COULDN'T work so it was immediately assumed I would become a leech on society.
And that's before I started to deal with our Disability system. ugh.
Has anyone else heard this from a Dr.?
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2021.12.06 13:50 North_Ordinary8936 College grads and tuition repayment

With the tuition repayment beginning again in February, are there any people out there are going to refuse to pay back their loans moving forward due to lack of jobs and low pay in exchange for $100,000 of student loan debt?
In my opinion, an entire generation is stuck in this weird spot where they could be considered hostages in financial extortion. They were pushed into college as a means to be able to have a nice paying job because any other route would lead to poverty. We entered at a time where college costs were at an ALL time high by a long shot. Where you had to get a masters degree and over double your original debt to compete for the same job that was going to pay you still low wages for a person with a bachelors and relevant work experience.
During this time inflation has gone to unreal levels where a home that would have costed 70-80k when we were teens now costs 120k. Food prices have gone up by nearly 70%. The average cost of a new/used vehicle has doubled.
For these reasons I am personally refusing to pay my student loans moving forward. I am also refusing to work for anyone until this system corrects in a way that is better for the people. Not the cabal at the top who will remove all freedoms and prospect of financial prosperity and freedom
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2021.12.06 13:50 fluxflourishinglog 27 [M4F] Poland - Trying to change that "alone" thing, here goes nothing

Hey, my name is Peter and i'm a pretty average 27yo white natively Polish dude living in Warsaw. I find the usual dating apps kind of ass and i'm introverted enough that my social circle is too small to find a relationship in the traditional way. So here i am, hello.
I have a pretty boring office job and i fill my free time with practicing guitar, playing video games, looking up whatever interested me on that particular day, listening to all manner of music, cycling, sometimes climbing buildings, and not to brag, i sometimes even read books. I'm pretty extroverted with people i know, and i'm up to try basically anything with a good friend(as long as it doesn't involve meeting too many new people.). On the body side, i'm of an average build and measure 175cm/5'9 and somewhat uniquely, i have near total alopecia - my body is smooth and hairless like i've yet to hit puberty, and i have a sense of humor to match. My eyebrows were spared though. Oh, and i wear glasses. I'll just send you a photo when we talk.
According to MBTI i'm somewhere around INTJ and INTP, and even though it's not exactly concrete science, what i've read about INTJ seems to apply to me. I'm kinda bad at small talk, i can get easily discouraged with new people and i tend to focus on cold logical outcomes, ignoring emotional aspects of issues. I've come to terms with this side of me in recent years and i'm doing my best to be conscious of these blind spots, but i have to ask for your patience. On the other, more positive hand, i'm very open-minded, i like talking about all manner of ideas no matter how silly or serious, finding out cool new things, and being proven wrong - and if we click, i'm a very loyal friend, honest to the bone and likely to drop whatever i'm doing if you wanna hang out or need some help with anything.
I don't require much from a partner, just the values i try to focus on myself, which would be honesty, open-mindedness and self improvement. I'm not a paragon of these qualities myself, but i try to keep those in my head at all times, so i'd expect the same from you and not really much else. A sense of humor would be cool i guess. And lastly i wouldn't be too interested in an LDR, please be somewhat close-by.
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2021.12.06 13:50 Playful_Ad_8198 Lily Chee

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2021.12.06 13:50 SleepNowMyThrowaway Ghislaine Maxwell is writing children’s books

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2021.12.06 13:50 allthesecrets1111 Decorating For Christmas With A Toddler - Putting Up The Christmas Tree-...

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2021.12.06 13:50 Wny_Wolf Tail end of the layout and a train on the main.

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2021.12.06 13:50 GotMeAllBrickedUp Insane how hard and throbbing she makes me 🤤

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2021.12.06 13:50 JustReallyReal Retail Store Looses Two Full Time Managers for the Expense of a Part Time Employee

Hello everyone, found this sub last week and would like to tell a story that recently happened. I used to work part time at an autoparts store on the weekends (I was formerly full time for 2 years and switched to part time after finding a way better paying job. I was apart of management, under the assistant manager). The assistant manager of the store has been working for the company 7+ years and the other manager has been around 2 years. Everytime i would work, one or both managers were always talking about issues going on with the main manager of the store. They would tell me the main manager would take 3 hour lunches, leave for a long period of time (not tell anyone where they were going), not communicate with them, and stay in the office for an extended period of time (rarely help on the counter when needed). This would leave them stuck running the show most of the time. So, they were both getting very tired of the bs, and frustration was building up. The district manager had even came in to the store at one point to talk to all members of management because of these issues and more. This discussion worked for only about a week or two, and the main manager was back on their bs. One day, the assistant manager told a part time employee to pick up the ringing phone (apart of their job) and the employee refused. The assistant told the employee again, and they refused again. The main manager was standing watching and didn't say a word to the employee. The assistant told the manager that she was tired of the bs and walked out. The other manager (2yrs) did the same soon after. Now the store only has only two full time members of management. A majority of the employees are part time and don't even know whats happening.
TLDR: Two members of management walk out of their job after years of bs from the main manager who doesn't do their job.
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2021.12.06 13:50 Graandmaster-Amaasv Lemon Demon - Aurora Borealis

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2021.12.06 13:50 Elhemio How tall do you think the girls would be ?

Just a fun thing I've been wondering about from times to times. My head canon goes something like this.
Stella : definitely the tallest seing how she loves modelling, fashion and everything. Not to mention that she's the oldest. Imo she'd be 5'10 to 5'11 (178-180). I just imagine her having quite a stature and being really tall.
Bloom would definitely be rather petite I think, you know that short girl with a fiery demeanor archetype, so I'd say something like 5'3 (160).
Aisha definitely has a stature as well imo, I think she'd be somewhere around 5'8 to 5'9 (173-175)
Musa definitely has petite energy to me as well so I believe she might be around the same height as Bloom, maybe a tad bit taller at 5'4.
As for Tecna, I might be disagreeing with most people's opinions. People seem to think that she'd be a very straight shaped, tall lady but imo her body would probably reflect a bit of a more feminine side of hers, hence I'd see her as a tallish but not supermodel height of 5'7 (170).
Now last but not least, when it comes to Flora I can't really seem to set my mind. I feel like she wouldn't be particularly tall nor small so I'd say she'd stand at an average 5'6 (167). Roxy would probably be average too I think.
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2021.12.06 13:50 Brilliantideas4u BETA TESTERS NEEDED NOW FOR NEW SOCIAL TRAVEL PLATFORM. We need about minimum of 100 active users. More is wonderful of course. Sign up the month of December and get a 3 month free trial, and all users who actively participate in the community will be entered for a drawing for a trip for 2!

BETA TESTERS NEEDED NOW FOR NEW SOCIAL TRAVEL PLATFORM. We need about minimum of 100 active users. More is wonderful of course. Sign up the month of December and get a 3 month free trial, and all users who actively participate in the community will be entered for a drawing for a trip for 2! submitted by Brilliantideas4u to BetaTestersNeeded [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 13:50 Die_Reude Perfectly balanced ✊

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2021.12.06 13:50 Mr-Grim_4O2 Yippppppppeeeeeee ki yay

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2021.12.06 13:50 Infinite_Water3851 Is this pokemon yellow real?

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2021.12.06 13:50 techmattr Member When BMW Had the Most Aggressive And Sexiest Profile....

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2021.12.06 13:50 cl0wnbr0 18, ftm guy, recovering from depression due to constant bullying & other stuffz <3

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2021.12.06 13:50 UsedConcentrate ‘Smells of Death’: Anti-Vax Priests Are Dropping Like Flies Here

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2021.12.06 13:50 notthebesttm Tomorrow is Darryl's birthday... So I made a neutral pin for every of the skins. Default skin is not by me, MB Darryl is based of the in-game pin, and probably you know, how did I do True Silver/Gold pins :D Honestly... Not the best, but made what I could. Oh, and happy birthday Darryl :D

Tomorrow is Darryl's birthday... So I made a neutral pin for every of the skins. Default skin is not by me, MB Darryl is based of the in-game pin, and probably you know, how did I do True SilveGold pins :D Honestly... Not the best, but made what I could. Oh, and happy birthday Darryl :D submitted by notthebesttm to Brawlstars [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 13:50 gdawg4994 Emotional support

Just looking to share my feelings with my fellow myopic friends. I (24F) have had bad eyes all my life. I’m a -13.5 in the left and a -13.25 in the right with high astigmatism. A couple months ago my eye doctor mentioned that I would be good candidate to get a intraocular lens surgically implanted. This would improve my vision to almost perfect. However, after waiting for months I just had my consultation with the ophthalmologist and he said that my prescription was changing too much to do anything. I was told to wait a year then check my eyes again. I know I’m young and could possibly still get the surgery at a later time but I got my hopes up. I was so excited to not have super thick lens for the first time . I just feel very disappointed and was hoping for some support from other thick lens friends.
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2021.12.06 13:50 TheGrimalicious Does Live2D and other vtuber programs only work for anime/human characters?

I am wanting to do a fairly unique design. A space suit of sorts, with a bubble helmet, and a floating skull inside. I'm leaning towards a 3D model and motion tracking over 2D, but I wanted to see if something like this was even doable.
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2021.12.06 13:50 nothingxmc Can one stop Playnite from going foreground focus, after I close every freaking game?

You know it's really annoying.
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2021.12.06 13:50 cynetri Opening the Gates to manufactured consent

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2021.12.06 13:50 gobucks1978333 Need Plans and Supply List for White Outdoor Nativity Scene

I am looking for plans and a supplies list for one of those plywood white outdoor Nativity ScenesNativity Scene
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2021.12.06 13:50 hollywoodqt Thoughts of what my wife did with someone else have haunted me for 20 years…

I’m sure I am not alone with this… but I have been haunted my images of my wife with the guy she broke up with me for which happened 20 years ago. I still hold a lot of regret for decisions I have made. And recently things have been resurfaced do to us finally communicating about what really had happened. My story is long and detailed, and I feel the need to tell it in hopes to find someone that can relate to my pain. So if you care enough to read, I would appreciate it.
My wife and I started dating in our junior year of high school. She was beautiful inside and out. The type of girl a man could only dream about. To me, she was an Angel. I always thought she was too good for me. I pursued her, and she was hesitant at first because she just got out of a bad relationship where the guy made her do things she didn’t want to do.. not sex but other things. So we took our time to get to know one another and we eventually started dating and it was one of the best times of my life. We were madly in love. I never rushed her into sex. I didn’t care. It wasn’t important to me. I just loved her and that’s what mattered. We waited almost a whole year before we lost our virginity together.
About a year in a half after we started dating towards the end of our senior year, I had started dealing with some things in life that made me become distant from her. Stupid petty shit with friends and family that I should have just shrugged off but I didn’t. It made me doubt I was good enough for my girlfriend. I was young and dumb and I broke up with her because I became unsure about things and I needed time to focus on me. She never did anything wrong. I was just plain stupid. She basically went through a mental break down after this, and it was bad. She had went through life always being abandoned by the people she cared about. And this one hit her like a ton of bricks.
A few months went by, we had graduated and I eventually smartened up and decided that I still wanted to be with her. I realized if I didn’t act soon I would lose her for good, possibly to someone else. So we got back together. But now she was struggling with her self. I was happy we were back together, but she felt unsure now because of what I had done. That summer she started talking with another guy… she had called me one day and said she was talking to someone and they had kissed. My heart sunk… this was the day my whole world began to crumble. I tried like hell to convince her that I truly loved her and that I would never abandon her again. But nothing worked. She eventually called me over and told me she felt she needed to try new things, because she thought it was what she needed to do. Now mind you, she was very naive at the time. I knew for a fact this guy was playing her. He was 3 years older then us (21 of course) and the type of guy that has been around. Her was more experienced with other women. I knew the crowd he hung with.
But she knew what she wanted to do. So she dumped me for him. And it lasted a month. It was the darkest most emotionally painful time of my life. I put myself though hell and torture during this time. I started smoking, and was hanging out with the wrong crowds… acting out and feeling angry. I found out through our mutual friend after pushing and pushing for details that they were having sex. I didn’t want to believe it, but it turned out to be true. They started having sex exactly one week after we broke up. That crushed me. Then one day another mutual friend had called her, and I listened in on the call quietly on another phone, and found out the night prior they had gotten a hotel room and took ecstasy. She told her friend how good it felt and what the sex was like while rolling and that they did it multiple times that night. She said it was the best sex of her life and she said she couldn’t wait to do it again. I dropped the phone and ran outside breaking down. I felt completely ruined. I literally just wanted to die. I knew she had made a terrible choice, and that this guy was taking full advantage of her and she was on a dangerous road. Mind you, she was already on anxiety and depression meds. So what she had done was risky! But I was so low at this point I even considered suicide. The person I loved was gone and with someone else, and any hope I had was diminished. I went from the best year of my life to the worst and nothing had felt real anymore.
A couple days went by after that and she called me. She’s seemed very nervous to talk to me. But I woke up to her phone call. I thought I was dreaming. But he had dumped up with her. Her dad had called him and told him to stop giving her alcohol and to stay away from her. His response was I wouldn’t give it to her if she didn’t want it.
Anyways she had attempted suicide that day she called me. And I saved her….. we also found out that day when she was in the hospital that she had contracted an STD from him. They had done it at the hotel without him wearing a condom.
Cut to the point now. We had gotten together after this and she was not the same person I had falling in love with for a very long time. I had found out details here and there throughout the years. But somethings she had told me were very hurtful, and she had put me down with how I was compared to him sexually. She told me he was a lot “shorter, but thicker” than me. And they had done it A LOT and several times in one night which we had never done. She expressed how it was nice to be able to moan loudly, because it wasn’t at my parents and they were in secluded areas. She made it apparent that he was much more experienced than me with how he was and how he did things.
I felt small l and not good enough for her. The love I had originally felt for her was sour. Everything in our relationship was tainted, and the image of the innocent person I once knew was no longer there.
The thoughts of them together never left my mind. I grew angrier and angrier over the years, and our struggles did not help. It took her years to get through her issues and when she got better, I didn’t. She cheated on me a couple more times before that, but nothing like it was before. And it wasn’t sex. I wasn’t there emotionally for her after she got better and I continued to be tormented by these thoughts. They took over.
It led to her cheating again with a close friend several years back. Which turned out to be more of an emotional thing. She said they never had sex but it almost happened before she stopped it, but he did go down on her a couple times. I found out through someone a year in a half later. And the trauma I had experienced in the past came flooding back!
We’ve been finally talking in detail this last year about things that have happened in the past. Which has helped close some doors, but had only made my thoughts stronger. She’s a better person now and has grown stronger and is more faithful because we’ve have been finally connecting and communicating like we’ve never done before. Now one thing that has always fucked me up is that these thoughts of her with other guys have turned me on. I never could figure out why, but that’s just what it is. But evidently that’s a very normal thing. Though I still don’t know what to make of it. But I think about them together a lot even when we do it. And it’s hard to control that. Anyways that’s my story thus far… I’m hoping I’m not alone with this… but I feel like I am. I’m happy with my wife. She may not sound like it in this story, but she’s overcome her struggles and is in fact a genuine and beautiful person. I just wish I could accept the things that have happened, and forgive myself… but I don’t know how to. Anyways, any honest advice would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading.
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