It’s not everyday that one has to part with a childhood collection but that day has finally come. These brought me so much joy as a kid and I will never forget the wonder I felt learning the lore and building the sets. Thanks for a sick childhood Bionicle.

2021.12.06 14:46 bryanthebassplayer It’s not everyday that one has to part with a childhood collection but that day has finally come. These brought me so much joy as a kid and I will never forget the wonder I felt learning the lore and building the sets. Thanks for a sick childhood Bionicle.

It’s not everyday that one has to part with a childhood collection but that day has finally come. These brought me so much joy as a kid and I will never forget the wonder I felt learning the lore and building the sets. Thanks for a sick childhood Bionicle. submitted by bryanthebassplayer to bioniclelego [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 14:46 WarAdmiral2420 Get Up: Phidradus Imperial Records

Welcome back to the classroom! Today we are picking up where we left off after parsing through some Phidradus POW personal recordings. If you're newly enrolled, you can catch up from the first lecture or browse available courses in the archive at your leisure. Let's not keep our luminous professor waiting any longer!

It had been a long week in the political science department. It's hard to keep focus when one of your colleagues burns with the light intensity of a small star. Finally the day had arrived when they could hopefully expect a reprieve.
Students filed into the room, some of them early for the first time in their school career. The professor noted this was definitely the first time there were no absences or lates. He also noted the presence of several staff members including a few department chairs scattered throughout the auditorium.
"Welcome back everyone, it looks like you're as excited as I am to continue our discussion of the recently uncovered Phidradus records, so we won't waste any time! First up, we have a field report from Ner'sahm Nurum Ongol to an Imperial Sha'at, a short council comprised of senior intelligence and military officials. As a quick refresher, this briefing would not be long after the arrival of the Phidradus into the Sol system. To better illustrate how brutally efficient the initial Imperial assault on the system was, we will use Terran and Sol time references. In Galactic Fraction, one Terra-Sol orbit is one two-hundred-millionth. Subtitles will, again, be provided in Galactic Standard."
The projection assembled a room featuring a wide, dark arcing table with four plain, massive chairs. The four officials sitting in the chairs were lightly armored, each with various markings and colors indicating their position and station. Nurum Ongol stood in front of the table on a flat, circular dias. Artifact and noise clipped bits and pieces of the images as they began moving.
"Ner'sahm, what news from the field bore enough urgency that you needed a personal audience," Kiron Melne asked.
"Sha'at-kiri, while I have no doubt of our eventual victory, in the last several [days] I have witnessed events that give me--pause."
"Your words betray you. You clothe fear in strong-speech," Kiron Pavan intoned. "What have you seen?"
"The discard-unworthy of this system cannot stand against us with their war machines, but are unexpectedly hard to kill without overwhelming force."
"This is paradoxical," Kiron Cyrone rebutted. "Clarify."
"Their forms, their bodies, resist many of our energy attacks. Kinetic attacks require a tremendous amount of precision to disable or kill them. Their armor, though simple, is especially effective against blade-spine strikes. They are often augmented by child-implement battle frames, but even non-augmented individuals can sustain enormous trauma. In many battles maimed individuals will continue to resist, often even with greater fight-fever than when they were whole."
All of the Sha'at-kiri showed some measure of surprise at hearing this.
"They have realized their survival rate is higher when battle is forced into close, individual combat, and have taken great measures to limit their exposure on planet surfaces and above. Orbital death-rain no longer provide a greater return than cost. They are tenacious, and grow deep roots in their planet."
"Ner'sahm, we will not see our Emperor's glory cut short. You would be wise to prevent his disappointment. Our disappointment should you wish to ascend to Cth'onall. That you would declare our efforts faltering or failing mere [weeks] into a remarkably successful campaign does not speak highly to your--potential," the threat obvious in Kiron Kilaeon's tone.
Ongol stood still as stone and waited for any of the Sha'at-kiri to break the silence.
"Very well, Ner'sahm, let us find a solution to your tenacious root-growers. Tell me," Kiron Kilaeon leaned heavily on the table, "what good are deep roots," her blade arm began scraping across the surface, "if the soil can be turned--"
The projector decompiled the room as the audio cut short. Groans of annoyance sounded in the room that grew louder as the lights came back on.
"This corrupted recording tells us that the destruction of Terra was not a last ditch effort by an Empire on the ropes. Rather it was at least in consideration as early as the initial invasion into the Sol system. As I mentioned last class, the signal intelligence arm of the Phidradus was focused primarily on detection, disruption, and destruction. This doesn't mean, however, that they didn't save these signals for comparitive analysis should it be seen again. In nearly all cases it was simply used to determine source of origin and approximate location due to similar signal capabilities providing notable telemetry on distance and direction.
"This signal was collected just before a particularly violent battle that saw the humans garner one of their first major victories. Our tenacious root-growers, as the Sha'at called them, were regrouping and debriefing after a series of coordinated attacks struck several human military elements at once, keeping their attention scattered and stretched thin. A Phidradus heavy assault group picked up the short-range signal of a perimeter security patrol and were following it to its source."
The audio started but was so broken, it was barely recognizable as human speech. After several moments the signal began to clear.
"--alright, well let's get real then. Do you believe we can win?"
"Honestly? Hell no, Sarnt. They been killin us every way we can think of and a hundred we haven’t."
"Well, if that’s how you feel then I need you to take a seat and, bad news brother, it’s standing room only in this war. If you want to go lay down and die do it somewhere else."
"I don't--"
"Shut the hell up. This isn’t some fight for a flag, water, pride, or anything else that mattered before. This is a fight for your right to exist and keep wasting my oxygen with your bulls—"
Explosions in the background drowned out the voices.
"Contact right and front, 300 meters, several dozen big bugs and heavies at least," sounded distantly in the recording. The Sergeant's voice rang out loud over the chaos.
"You really don’t think we can win this? Well go out there and fuckin do it anyway! Let's go! Move!"
A low hum of conversations started as the audio faded out. The professor raised his upper limbs slightly, requesting silence.
"Here we see the absolute unwillingness of humanity to give up despite weeks of nearly unbroken defeats, despite even an admitted belief in some humans of the futility of their efforts. In the end their will to exist would defy even an Origin Empire. This defiance, however, would come at great cost.
“Our next recording is a meeting between Kiron Kilaeon and the Emperor himself. It was captured by internal surveillance. The old saying about a ruler’s power only being matched by their paranoia is apt and accurate in this case. Though the scholars and experts feel that her remarks would be no less callous had she known, they all currently agree she seems to be unaware of being recorded. This may have been a high level ploy, but her behavior seems to indicate either audacity or ignorance. Let’s watch now.”
The video abruptly skipped to Kilaeon sitting upright at a large, oblong table, accepting an ornate goblet of some liquid from the Emperor.
“Of course, of course, but tell me more about this plan of yours. I understand there was some—hesitancy when you presented it.” The Emperor sank into the plush, slightly reflective fabric contained by a dark, glossy metal.
“It’s not a never-thought idea. I merely suggested that if the humans bury themselves to resist our inevitable victory, then perhaps we could assist them by burying them further,” the goblet rose to her face without obscuring her intense gaze on the Emperor.
The video skipped again, this time Kilaeon was walking slowly around the table.
“—an impact of that magnitude would ensure they would be crushed rather than hobbled. Though I do love drinking in the death-fear of wounded prey as it runs,” she lifted a wickedly curved blade from a ceremonial mount on the wall as she passed. “This course would speed the acquisition efforts and reduce costs of occupation. It also sends,” she slid the blade down the edge of the Emperor’s lounge as she walked, the blade skimming closer to his head causing the two nearest guards to take a hard step forward, pointing their weapons toward Kilaeon, “a clear message.” The blade sang as it slid over the metal frame, pulling away from the Emperor as it moved. The guards stepped back tentatively. The Emperor appeared as if he hadn’t noticed. He sat silently until she returned to his direct line of sight.
“Very well, Kilaeon. Send your message.”
She bowed deeply, blade still in hand.
She looked up. He extended an upper limb. She placed the blade on the table before turning her back to the Emperor. His gaze remained on the blade as she left, a single digit making slow, wide circles on the metal frame.
“These surveillance recordings show us what one would expect. No matter the species, customs, or status of those in power, there are always plots by those who would take if given the chance. Additionally, while the details have been lost to the void, it is clear that this moment was the eventual nail in the coffin for the human home world. Very shortly after this meeting, the Phidradus, despite their ability to disrupt the planet’s surface and attack the humans directly, broke the orbit of Terra’s moon, Luna, setting it on a crash course that would result in a catastrophic impact with the planet’s surface.
“The resulting impact caused an initial shockwave that encircled the planet, before crushing the surface. The energy released boiled away the oceans, liquified the outer layer of the planet, and returned Terra to a state it hadn’t been in billions of Terran years. Both bodies were a total loss, to include a significant majority of the social and political structure, military apparatus and command, not to mention the cradle of human life. Current estimates place Terra in a molten state for approximately two hundred million Terran years.
“Reports included in the data cache from which all these recordings and information were recovered reveal enormous internal disagreement about the methods exercised. This is not to say the morality of the decision to destroy billions of lives was questioned, rather the effectiveness of such a massive, and costly, blow without ensuring the maximum possible number of humans were destroyed in the effort. One senior military member went so far as to say it was a wasted effort and would result in mixed benefit at best. While correct, that particular officer was found dead and dismembered, body parts discovered in the private chambers of many of the direct chain of advancement under the outspoken officer.
“The following is a recording provided by the Human Archives. This speech was broadcast on every emergency frequency the day following the destruction of Terra.”
He tapped twice on his datapad and a static-shrouded voice crackled overhead.

“Children of Earth.
If you don’t know already, I am afraid I must give you devastating news.
Our planet—our home—is lost.
Destroyed in a massive impact with our moon.
Though the Earth you remember now only lives in bitter memory, we can’t allow hope to become one as well.
We must harden our resolve, continue to fight, and let this utter darkness show us to the light of our victory.
Grow the ember of fury burning in your chest into an unstoppable inferno.
Show them that we have not yet begun to fight.
Keep faith in those around you. Strengthen your mind. Harden your hearts.
Finally, my fellow orphans, never never never give up.”

“Humans say that an animal is never more dangerous than when it’s cornered, meaning when it has no other options than to fight. The Phidradus Empire made Humanity that cornered animal. The ka’da hura term which roughly translates to “fight-fever” could not have been more accurate to describe the fervor with which the humans railed against their would-be destroyers.
“What should have been the killing blow rallied the humans. Over eight grueling months of vicious guerrilla warfare and insurgency, humanity managed to break all encryption and disrupt nearly eighty percent of battle command traffic, disable or destroy weapon systems on every mobile platform whether orbital or spacefaring, and capture or kill all but six high value command members to include the Emperor himself, all while preventing the Sol invasion fleet from obtaining help from the Empire at large. A remarkable feat by any such besieged civilization, nigh unbelievable in the face of occupation by an Origin Empire.
“At this time, I would like to invite my colleagues who have graciously agreed to be a part of the panel discussion today to the stage. Once we are settled, we will take questions. Please give us a few moments and use your datapad indicators to allow the aural focusers to relay the questions in an orderly manner. Thank you.”

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2021.12.06 14:46 PersonalWillingness1 I threw up and cried morning of my final fml

final is in 3 hours am I fucked emotionally or just dumb
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2021.12.06 14:46 Stillwindows95 Someone said their inokim screws stripped right off the bat the first time they tried to undo them - I have a 10 day old inokim that has done the very same thing.

So now, like the Pure I replaced it with that was useless due to pure not stocking tubes or tyres for the air, I'm now stuck unable to change my tube on my inokim because I can't get the hub apart to remove the tyre.
Just wondering what other Inokim owners did in this situation, Pure Electric is offering to replace the screw but said nothing of removing the old one.
Other than that, and had the screw not stripped, overall this scooter is amazing amd perfect for my needs. It accurately gets around 20 miles per charge on full power and 21mph is perfect in London where the standard limit is 20mph. Just wish I'd paid more attention to the comments about stripped screws and I'd have tried to brace the hole with rubber or something...
Also wondering if they are purposely using screws made from weak metals in order to facilitate constant maintenance.... never had this issue on my Ninebot or Pure. Yet 10 days in and already unable to replace front tube.
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2021.12.06 14:46 RageAgainstTheSurge Greitens says he supports Missouri gun law after blowback

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2021.12.06 14:46 tri081105 Logitech G29 boxes' colors difference ?

I saw some G29 on youtube that have blue boxes, but mine comes with black box, I'm wondering if there is any difference ?
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2021.12.06 14:46 oscarburr11 Riddle of the strider, elvish Tengwar transcription?

Hello - I’m looking for a proper Tengwar transcription of the riddle of the strider, that isn’t just the English phonics but in Tengwar characters.
It’s to my understanding that sindarin is the most widely used elvish language - could someone show me this please?
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2021.12.06 14:46 Full-Philosopher-816 Kumpi on /r/Suomi:n mielestä todennäköisempi syy tulla 32-vuotiaana valkoihoisena miehenä hakatuksi näin vuoden 2021 Suomessa: perussuomalaisuus vai se, että olet parisuhteessa tummaihoisen miehen kanssa?

Perussuomalaisten poliitikko kertoi joutuneensa poliittisen väkivallan uhriksi lahtelaisessa yökerhossa.
Perussuomalaisuuden lisäksi tämä poliitikko on parisuhteessa tummaihoisen miehen kanssa.
Molemmat näistä asioista ovat julkista tietoa tästä poliitikosta.
Kumpi Sinun mielestäsi on todennäköisempi syy tulla hakatuksi lahtelaisessa yökerhossa?
View Poll
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2021.12.06 14:46 AnimeOtaku2020 Top 10 Anime of Summer 2021 [1Min]

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2021.12.06 14:46 That_Vermicelli_4207 😶🎤

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2021.12.06 14:46 Mn3mica Eskimo Callboy - Pump It (Guitar Cover) with TAB

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2021.12.06 14:46 grandmasterPRA When you own land, how deep do you own? Like how many feet below the surface?

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2021.12.06 14:46 CH24steady 3D NFT artist Wanted

Looking for a 3D NFT artist to help with a upcoming projects Please post a link to your website to check out your work and prices
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2021.12.06 14:46 manintheroostermask How do i make characters mouth move?

I'm trying to make an animation where i vove the characters hand with the phisgun and i want their mouths to move while they move the hands, how do i do it? I use animation helper and screenshot every frame btw, its way to hard and i wanted something easier
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2021.12.06 14:46 Rayenkiwi DUSK - Acrylics, Dec 2021

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2021.12.06 14:45 wowyourgay36 He wastes so much of my time

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2021.12.06 14:45 TheAccountantsWife Road Trip with Toddler Tips?

Any tips for a 12 hour road trip with a 16 month old besides saying “don’t do it” haha?
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2021.12.06 14:45 sara_2332 The person who made the pic thinks this girl wishes she was a Muslim

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2021.12.06 14:45 TK1967 Anyone have experience with these LED bulbs? Would you recommend them or should I stay away?

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2021.12.06 14:45 rgypsy Emotional rollercoaster😆 searching Prada boots, saw a listing w/ 55% off banner for a steal. Answered a buyer question, took about 60 seconds, go to buy boots, was excited, and "sold 9 minutes ago". It was available 1 minute before. Are listings not real-time? Never noticed this before.

Experience as a buyer
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2021.12.06 14:45 Trisomique Give us ways to communicate with our opponents, how can I tell this dumbass Snake that he's the worst player I've ever seen?

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2021.12.06 14:45 scata90x11 Next pandemic could be more lethal than COVID, vaccine creator says. That sounds like a threat.

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2021.12.06 14:45 BelleAriel Speechless.

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2021.12.06 14:45 Dubrovo Homemade nigiri with Greek fishes

Lately I became very interested in sushi especially nigiri, so I decided to try myself. I live now in Greece and I think that fishes here can be very interesting to work on. Here the list of the fishes and their Greek names: -Sea bream - Tsipoura - cured in kombu -Red mullet - Barbuni - could be better with scoring -Horse mackerel - Safridi - very rich taste, definitely one of my favourite -White trevally - Kokkali (very similar to horse mackerel but firmer and stronger in taste) -Anchovy - Gavros - cured in vinegar -Salmon - not Greek, I just took it as a "show case", to be honest it was too fatty
Note - The execution is little bit sketchy because it was my second serious attempt, but they tasted amazing. Oh and don't pay attention on the 2 maki, I hadn't enough rice so I failed them, they were just with shrimp.
Critics are welcomed
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2021.12.06 14:45 Schwalbe1728 Schwalbe Reviews: DEATH RALLY (Classic), aka the first game from Remedy Entertainment

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