Green glass bottle with raised surfaces in the shape of circles and triangles. China, Sui dynasty, 589 AD [980x1000]

2021.12.06 14:46 MunakataSennin Green glass bottle with raised surfaces in the shape of circles and triangles. China, Sui dynasty, 589 AD [980x1000]

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2021.12.06 14:46 External-Capital-930 Far-right candidate zemmour assaulted

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2021.12.06 14:46 throatsmashman Unexpected Office in r/Homestead (WWOOF/WUPHF)

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2021.12.06 14:46 psychic_kaelyn I made a dramatic trailer for Arrested Development for my cinema class final!

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2021.12.06 14:46 f01ks SLATT SLATT SLATT💚

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2021.12.06 14:46 Ryangotrickrolled Lets do dis

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2021.12.06 14:46 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Op-Ed] - The MAGA cult of violence is having predictable consequences | Washington Post

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2021.12.06 14:46 Mundane_Ad4656 I’ll rp as her for you, no catch at all come and do whatever u want kik is emmaleigh5868

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2021.12.06 14:46 SmokinDroRogan Anyone having issues with Spotify

I'm using a OP 8 Pro Ultramarine, and Spotify has stopped working. It opens up, freezes, and crashes. Sometimes the home screen will load, but it crashes when I go to tap on a playlist. Ever since this 2021 Wrapped crap. Anyone else?
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2021.12.06 14:46 MinnMaxx How do you naturally opt out of a personal question... while not being rude, still keeping the conversation going, maintaining the relation?

I am soon moving into a new office job, and I do often hear advices about "not sharing too much personal information to anyone as it could be used against you."
Although it's pretty clear and straight forward, to be honest I really could use some help on it.
How do you typically (and naturally) opt out of a personal question... while also not being rude, still keeping the conversation going, maintaining the relationship, and so on?
As a background, I used to work in a warehouse environment, and it's pretty laid back where everyone could work their labor while chatting, joking, etc. And unlike offices, warehouse is quite big so people typically only care about their part, and don't really care about socializing/know each other.
When it comes to conversation, my brain used to be in a defensive state, whereas I always unconsciously answer most questions asked. Then if I think about it after time passed, I realized it was unnecessary for me to talk very blindly and honestly.
Things like, "why do you come to Japan", "where do you live", are pretty general for my brain. But sometimes it went a bit further like, "how did you meet your Japanese wife", "are you living with your wife's parents", etc. I couldn't really remember all, but there were times that made me wondered if I shouldn't have answered overly honestly.
But again, due to it's that kind of work, I felt very little to no office politics (at least in my scope). Also, I have to admit that because me being open, I felt like I built a good relation with people, making it a comfortable working environment, being accepted and respected, etc.
I do realize an office job is totally different and could suck a lot due to politics.
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2021.12.06 14:46 Art_Vandelay_Seven You have a bottom-less bag of chips. What kind are they?

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2021.12.06 14:46 AyoDusty Flatline early

I feel like I’m flatlining very early into no fap I haven’t got hard in 2 days I’m not sure why this is happening I’ve heard it takes 2 weeks or more to flatline this isn’t my longest streak but it is the least I have beat my meat. (3 times in 2 weeks)
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2021.12.06 14:46 ElHongoMagico21 Victorinox (one hand) Forester M Grip

Hey all, I just pulled the trigger and ordered the Victorinox one handed Forester M Grip, and it has not arrived yet. I was going to order the Trekker, but can't seem to find it without the serrations on the knife. I prefer non-serrated, as this will be my camping knife for making traps and food prep, as well as other small tasks like sawing smaller limbs. Some reviews said the serrated is better with food prep, but the difficulty of using a front serrated blade to whittle and carve noches and traps is a deal breaker. I carry a fixed blade full tang knife for the bigger jobs like batoning and processing wood.
My questions are -

Thanks for any info in advance! Looking forward to its arrival (I live in Central A, so it will take a bit to get to me after it hits my freight forwarding address in the States)
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2021.12.06 14:46 raccon-cookies I cant accept my girlfriend leaving me.

I (21M) can’t accept that my girlfriend (20 has broken up with me.
Hello to everyone whos reading this in the subreddit, im a (21M) that i “had” a girlfriend (20F) that broke up with me a month ago long story short im addicted to her and shes begging me to get out of her life but i cant. Please i request you to read it all before posting ur comment about my relationship.
5,6 years ago my mother died i was out of state i was not in my born county i was 15 so back then i was going through (anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts) and even until know i am going through them so im this handsome man who’s just turned 18 years old (3 years ago) this man had never fallen in love had never felt loved or has never experienced love in his life so i meet this girl lets call her jenna i met jenna really fantastic girl lovely all the things i could see in heaven were in her eyes i didn’t think of a relationship with her bcz i would remind my self that i don’t deserve love after my mothers death but somthing came up with this girl that i have never experienced she was different from all the girls i met, somthing came up to me one day a feeling that she loves me and thought to my self am i in love with this girl? Am i going to have my first relationship with somone? Am i going to be loved? So these thoughts came up for a while after 6 months i told her that i love her and she’s the only one that i can talk to and i can understand her only, turns out she’s the same way and fuck it were in a relationship at first i didn’t know how a relationship worked what was a rule in a relationship but i sure did know that staying loyal with my partner and not taking pills for other girls.
So at first we were alright i sure did know how to make a girl happy and smile i was good at that but i didn’t know how a relationship worked it was her first time in a relationship to except her dating a guy for 2 weeks about a year ago and it didn’t worked out, so at the first month it was okay things were good we were smiling and all that but for the second month she cheated on me ik it may sound crazy but she did she thought i didn’t know and i saw some chats back then begging the dude not to tell me i guess she regrets it, before the night i found out i saw a dream someone back stabbing me with a knife then the morning 7 am i remember it like my name saw everything the chats everything i didn’t tell here bcz i thought that in a relationship it was normal and the partner wont do it again like it was 1 time, everyday i thought about it and my anxiety was getting stronger then i told her after 2 months she fucking almost died after she knew that i know that she cheated she begged her sister to tell me that she was sorry and she would never do that again it was a mistake and all she didn’t tell me bcz she was to ashamed and to tell me bcz of how loyal i was to her and how good i was for her she didn’t want to lose me, okay it was tough for 2 months keeping that shit in and knowing its okay to tell them after i forgave her things didn’t turn up well i mean she wasn’t sorry for her or planning to fix her self most of the time she would make me angry for no reason and i would mock her about the cheat that she did & calling my self a bitch out of angriness then she would get sad and mad then i would be sorry and beg forgiveness and ask if she wants to be good again, most of our fights were like this it was a toxic relationship after that she cheated 2 times after and i forgave her and those cheatings of her made me text one of my friends that is a girl and tell her what im going through but then she found out and accepted that as cheating i mean wtf? She hates that girl and i didn’t talk to that girl until today bcz of her.
We truly loved each other i know it was toxic relationship but we truly did love each other we wanted to get married we were in a 3 year relationship then on October she said that she wants to break up i thought she might be sad bcz of somthing but no she was dead serious man i fucking died that day and said to my self let her go she will come back but no she didn’t 3 weeks ago i would go up to her place and tell her that i would kill my self in front of her but she would say “idgaf fuck off” or “get the fuck away from me who cares” i would fucking die when i would hear that shit i told her why she broke up she said (im breaking up with you bcz you made me fall in this some type of depression and not let the things that i want to do you wouldn’t let me do and now my life is better and even my mom and dad dont want to be in this type of relationship i dont want to hurt them i dont care about my self but there more important to me than myself) i would say okay but i love and lets talk she would refuse me and tell me that she hates me and im a bitch and no matter how sorry i am and how i fix my self she fucking hates me and hopes me to die, i am to scared to kill my self i cut i do all those shitty things she tells me that im a loser.
Today i was fed up i couldn’t hold it anymore i texted her the last time i did was face time me cutting my self but she didn’t care if i did it or not so i said i miss you come back she said “i beg you just leave me alone, if you have ever loved me just show it to me by leaving me alone and not coming back in to my life” i fucking cried out of anger,pain,anxiety i fucking said “ill kill u if u go marry another dick” i know it was stupid of me saying that i immediately asked for forgiveness and didn’t know what i was saying she said “idgaf leave me alone i wanna chase my dreams not u” she blocked me after that.
She wanted to be a doctor I lost the love that I will never get in my life. I know her worth. She moved on and she is shining more than before. Even crossing oceans for her sounds like impossible to win her again. I truly hate my self for what i did i regret all of that im addicted to her i cant live without her im scarred of killing my self she was the one of my life she made me smile after my mom’s death i fucked up im asking for advice please not to tell me that i should see a therapist i know i have problems i know that i fucked up but i regret it and i want to win her back i know it may be late i know it may not work out but im addicted to her and i cant live without her. Please once again im asking for advice not for a therapist.
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2021.12.06 14:46 harrys7potter White Privilege couldn't save this idiot

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2021.12.06 14:46 JennyTheSheWolf How the heck does the map work?

I've been playing Star Stable Online with my daughter for awhile. We love playing but one of the most annoying things about the game is using the map. It's always stuck stationary and I can't for the life of me figure out how to zoom in and out or move the map to see other parts. Please tell me there is a way to do it.
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2021.12.06 14:46 julieeeeeeeeeeeee My friend started salt lake city and I told her there is a criminal and to guess who, she knew just from the Hulu picture

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2021.12.06 14:46 paperpenises Shot in the dark - looking for a rear driver side vent window for 2004 Accent

Hey everyone. Someone smashed the window on my 2004 Accent 4 door. After calling some auto glass places, it looks like it's not available in any warehouse in the PNW. So I have to look online. I may have found one on ebay but I thought I'd try here, why not?
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2021.12.06 14:46 LatchedRacer90 Shock Rifle Achievement

Anyone else struggling to complete this?
Of all the new shock based damage sources this is by far the most frustrating
Slow rate of fire, tight circumstances to get the kill, random weapon spawns
I just don't understand why it couldn't be chain reaction in general (several of those medals just not with shock rifle)
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2021.12.06 14:46 paarsaad Tehran 2021 - Walking in Tajrish Bazaar پیاده روی در بازار تجریش

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2021.12.06 14:46 Zax22334 Hello Everyone Giveway Taippy Art NFT. "Shaolin GrandMaster " Rule...... Up Vote +Drop Adress+ Join Discord " Say " HI " in General Chat..... Link in Comment

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2021.12.06 14:46 Mach_lol Nessa momento triste, aqui algo para nós deixar feliz.

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2021.12.06 14:46 Philip_Schweitzer [USA-MD] [H] Apple Watch Series 5, Modded Nintendo 2DS XL, Planck EZ Glow Keyboard [W] Paypal, Cash

Hey all, recently had my iphone get stuck on update/restore, so I'm looking for some money to replace it should I be unable to restore it. All prices are OBO.
Timestamps and Photos
The Apple Watch Series 5 has noticeable scratching from daily use but looks fine with the screen in Always On mode. As you can see from the photos it has 88% battery remaining. It does not come with a box, but does have the S/M black band installed. Asking $180 shipped CONUS.
The 2DS XL was bought refurbished from Nintendo a few months ago and has hardly been used. It was my first one, and I'd hoped to love it. Unfortunately, the controls felt too cramped for me to use comfortably. It's been modded using the steps on, and comes with the 2gb sd card. It has Samus Returns with the Fusion mode installed, the gameboy color versions of Link's Awakening, Oracle of Ages, and Season, as well as Ocarina of Time 3d. Asking $200 shipped CONUS.
Finally, I have a Planck EZ Glow ortho mechanical keyboard. Everything works perfectly on this, and if I didn't need the money I'd be holding onto it! It will arrive flashed with the original layout. The real draw of this one are the switches that I've used. They're custom 52g U4 boba switches, made by kirball of They're the closest things I've found that can compare to Niz/Topre keys for feel. Asking $180 shipped CONUS.
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2021.12.06 14:46 AJobWellDid I bought one of these a while ago but someone told me that if I mount this to the wall, pieces of the wall could fall off and the tv will fall of the wall. What could I mount this to?
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2021.12.06 14:46 regian24 [Image] You never know where your dumb idea might take you

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