My future funk playlist that I refresh every month.

2021.10.22 15:56 butterlock My future funk playlist that I refresh every month.

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2021.10.22 15:56 StupidMar0nGuy Обмен технологиями от irusu

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2021.10.22 15:56 getreferral DoorDash Referral : Get $15 CAD or $10 USD off your first 3 DoorDash orders and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash

Get $15 CAD or $10 USD off your first 4 DoorDash orders and free delivery from restaurants on Doordash (The bonus amount is determined when you enter your address)

*You should see the current offer amount when you click the link. If not. You can copy and paste it into your browser.
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2021.10.22 15:56 quickshesasleep How do I know I'm making progress in therapy? Is there some kind of comprehensive set of goals I can check off to make sure I'm "processing the trauma"?

I've been in therapy almost my whole life, but it wasn't until a year ago that I really started to accept the reality of everything I've experienced.
Talking about it in therapy and having these realizations has made everything worse. I am terrified of sex, terrified of my own sexuality. I hate when someone looks at me with attraction, it makes me want to crawl out of my skin. In fact I hate being looked at at all. Even when my best friends try to hug me now it feels like my skin is burning and I can't stand being touched. In public I use COVID as an excuse to stand at least six feet away from people because any closer and my heart starts racing and the anxiety kicks in.
When will I know the therapy is working? So far I just feel worse. Sure, I'm not retraumatizing myself with casual sex that turns into something nonconsensual, so that's progress. But when will all this other stuff go away? How can I optimize the therapy process, to make sure I get through this stuff as quickly as possible?
I hear so much about "processing your trauma in therapy" but what the hell does that actually look like? Surely it won't look like the way it does now?
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2021.10.22 15:56 Aki_crows Ever since a falling out with my close circle of friends from high school I’ve(23F) been scared to form closer relationships with people.

The first falling out was with a friend who I considered my best friend during my teen years to young adult life. Let’s call her May. We knew each other since middle school but became close once we started high school and continued to be best friends a little into college. That whole relationship was toxic for me since we were so used to each other she came to not just rely but expect me to help her with rent/bill management, boy problems, sugar daddy issues, drug addiction etc. I never received any help from her during our friendship. She would flake when I needed her and let me down when I needed someone to just listen to my problems but I kept making excuses for her behavior because I knew her background, which made me empathize for her. The turning point however, was when I was hospitalized for a life threatening cause in college and she couldn’t visit me (we went to college an hour away from each other) because she had boy problems with 1 of the 4 different guys she was sleeping with at the time. During the friendship I did voice my concerns but she would always blow it off. The last time I saw her was after the hospital. We went to a movie drive in and for the first time I was able to tell her how I’ve been feeling without her interrupting me, which was a HUGE deal since she always had to find a way to change the conversation back to herself. I felt like I was able to convey how I was feeling and felt a load off my shoulder until she stared at me blankly. I asked her if she was ok and she said, “Oh sorry I was listening to you but I was watching the previews and didn’t really listen to what you were saying.” Literally broke me because I know I was talking for a good 2-5 minutes and she couldn’t even spare me that amount of time to listen to my feelings. I sat in silence for the whole movie and as soon as she dropped me off at home I blocked her.
After a few days I reposted a “Check on you friends and family” post on Instagram from a person I knew who lost their loved one from self harm and was immediately messaged by another person in our friend group, we’ll call her Abby. Abby accused me of not being considerate of her feelings because of that post. I was taken a back and asked what she meant by that. Abby claimed that I was upset with her for hanging out with May that same day. I did not tell anyone about what happened between myself and May yet so I had no idea what she was talking about. I didn’t even know they hanged out together that morning either. I told Abby I was never upset and asked how she knew about the situation. May told her a story of me not caring about her problems and leaving her stranded after the movies. (I found it slightly amusing since I didn’t even drive that day) May told Abby I was upset with her because they were hanging out which meant she was “picking a side” and that I was taking a jab at Abby with my post. The whole ordeal was childish and I felt stabbed in the back when Abby easily allowed May to manipulate her like that. I asked her if she actually believed what May was telling her and if she really thought of me as the type of person who would leave someone stranded. I then heard May’s voice in the background and new our friendship was over at that point as well. Abby and I have been actual friends since middle school so it was hard for me to have to block her out my life as well.
And like a domino effect my close circle fell apart. My friend Nick and I planned a trip aboard which was cancelled because he had to save money for his car. My friend Emily couldn’t meet up for coffee anymore cause she couldn’t be late to work. My other friends within that circle stopped texting me as often. From this whole experience I learned their true natures and how easily it was to drop me. I found it sad knowing how they could easily believe May when during the group’s friendship she never considered them friends and would always say something disrespectful to me about them. I would always tell her to not speak so rudely of our friends and one day she she replied, “You mean your friends they’re so lame.” She made fun of their looks, took little care in their interests, or even getting to know them personally so them dropping me to maintain their friendship with her really broke me.
It’s been 2 years now and I’m actually happy it happened. Learning how fake they were I’m happy it ended with seeing their true colors. The only thing is I have a hard time making meaningful relationships because I’m lacking the motivation to try in fear that it’ll end up the same way. My coworkers ask to hangout every so often but I’m too anxious to go through with our plans. When I do go I’m always second guessing what to say and end up not talking much. Old friends/acquaintances who I was not that close with in high school and college have asked to make plans too but I don’t know what to say or how to talk to them.
I used to be very outgoing and very extroverted but due to losing friends near the beginning of the pandemic I’ve been very closed off/lonely. It made me really get into my head and doubt myself. It’s been hard to open up as soon as people ask more personal questions I just completely shut off. I converse in small talk and which leads to learning more about people as they open up but I feel bad that I can’t reciprocate. I can easily talk to people about other things except about me.
How do I get comfortable around people again enough to start meaningful relationships? I went through years thinking I was the toxic one and hating myself but after therapy I understood I needed to move on. I really enjoy talking to one coworker at work who makes it a point to hear one one thing I did over the weekend or waits for me to share something I’m interested in. She literally brings coffee/snacks to my desk and waits for me to say something not generic (I’m very good at small talk lol). I want to open up more to her as she’s been very patient with me. But when I try fear takes over and I don’t want to ruin the closest thing to a real friend I have right now.
Sorry this is everywhere. I haven’t talked about what happened for years since now and it felt like I was reliving it. Also I never explained to the other friends that dropped me what happened or how May regarded them as. I didn’t feel like I owed them an explanation and if I saw them today I wouldn’t start a conversation either. We all live very different lives now with them back home with their parents, dropped out of college, still working the same jobs since high school and drinking/partying while I’ve moved out, graduated, and been working as a Chemist in the cosmetics/skincare industry. They always poked fun at my career goals but I’m happy I stuck to it and I wish they’ll have better opportunities in the future. I feel like we’re all maturing at different times and I still hope the best for them.
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2021.10.22 15:56 Mr-_-Koopa My officially name is now "H"

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2021.10.22 15:56 TheyCallMeGo I thought I'd share my fan art. Miko and Ridley have a movie night.

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2021.10.22 15:56 Cocobutts_honeynuts What breed is my tortoise and is it male or female?

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2021.10.22 15:56 Acrobatic-Town891 Its true.

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2021.10.22 15:56 Small-Anteater8174 opening a shared video through messages

so i’m pretty sure with a recent update, tiktok made it so if someone shares a video with you through imessages and you open it it both says what account sent the video to you and it notifies them with what account opened the video they shared. i was wondering if you open the video and then almost immediately block the person, does it remove the notification that says you viewed it? also just generally if you block someone does it remove any notifications they have from you?
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2021.10.22 15:56 Expert_Chance_2631 Self love is best love..

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2021.10.22 15:56 GreenNapster Marcy 3-Tier Dumbbell Rack 147.02 [Deal Price: $147.02]

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2021.10.22 15:56 JavaleONeal "Loose Strings" a funky guitar based boombap type beat [FREE TO USE]

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2021.10.22 15:56 colormeup82 If your getting a flu shot at kaiser

Bring a umbrella! Huge line that goes outside the building
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2021.10.22 15:56 slothpandadolphin Looking for a composition teacher for online lessons

I just graduated college with a viola degree and I’m going to grad school for composition in a couple years. I’m fairly new to composition and am looking for some lessons. I also need help with applying theory to my pieces. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!
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2021.10.22 15:56 fettii- Anybody want to run on ps5. I play with randoms cause I don’t have ppl to play with. Add me

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2021.10.22 15:56 nWord06 well, dropped my qxr on the floor, now i made a fennec out of the remains, but im thinking of making an ar-like weapon. what do you guys think?

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2021.10.22 15:56 POTUS_Archivist_Bot @POTUS: A lot of Americans are a part of the sandwich generation: you have young kids and you have aging parents. My Build Back Better Agenda will expand access to affordable home care through Medicaid and lower the price of child care.

@POTUS: A lot of Americans are a part of the sandwich generation: you have young kids and you have aging parents. My Build Back Better Agenda will expand access to affordable home care through Medicaid and lower the price of child care. submitted by POTUS_Archivist_Bot to POTUSWatch [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 15:56 rmungillo98 It’s bread.

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2021.10.22 15:56 StevenRife88 What!?

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2021.10.22 15:56 ZoolShop 5 College Football Games to Watch Besides Penn State-Illinois

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2021.10.22 15:56 itsmymedicine Trisha: Wild Muslim appeared!

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2021.10.22 15:56 ArmorXIII Slime Collector

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2021.10.22 15:56 Class08 Window wiper stalk - MPi, single wipe

Here's hopefully a simple one if anyone can answer.
I swear on my MPi Mini pushing down on the window wiper stalk would do a single activation of the wipers, without the need to turn the knob at the stalk end into normal wiper mode. Is this correct or am I misremembering?
If it's meant to do a single wipe then mine doesn't work anymore. Everything else works. Window washers, normal wiper mode (both speeds).
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2021.10.22 15:56 FosteredInquiry Whenever I look at the Enphase Enlighten app the latest power is always much lower than peak level. I've never seen it close to peak. Is that normal?

Eg. .4kw vs 9kw today.
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