I think I got a sign from my Dr

2021.10.22 16:29 Ok_Atmosphere5223 I think I got a sign from my Dr

Okay, so I go to university 2 hours from my house and today I was driving back home with my friend down the motorway when I smelt really string black cherry. Strange enough but I say that the scent I would smell when I'm about to shift is black cherry. There is no way we could have smelled it coming down the road as there was no bakeries on the side of the road and nothing in the car that would have made this smell. My friend smelt it too and said it was weird. What do you think?
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2021.10.22 16:29 Wall_clinger Hmm

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2021.10.22 16:29 PalpablePartyVibes Yes I’m a bitch

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2021.10.22 16:29 currentlycultivating MacBook got serviced and came back as "internally" new computer - problems with sharing/permissions on certain folders

Sorry if title didn't fully make sense so I'll explain a little better. My MacBook Pro 2019 died and wouldn't turn on or do anything when I plugged it into the charger. Apple Care fixed the issue (new Logic board as well as IO ports and some Touch Bar part) which is great, but now I'm having issues with not being able to access certain folders on external because of sharing permissions. The folders still want the old Admin user I had before sending it in. Since it wouldn't turn on I wasn't able to access anything to turn sharing/permissions off. I have a new Admin user (had to re-setup entire Mac) and gave myself read and write abilities but still not solving my issue.
Any tips??
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2021.10.22 16:29 kingz2010 Behold - and new level of toxicity is out there

While playing the new special friendlies for the objectives, the opponent score than stop the game. U don’t give up. Than they score again , and stop once more. U don’t give up cause u feel u are the better player. U come back with the 2:2 and they quit so u won’t be able to win, and ofc EA won’t give u the win.
What a lame company, what a pathetic players 🤷🏻‍♂️
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2021.10.22 16:29 Izzy_Game New Valencia! 'Weight of the World ;

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2021.10.22 16:29 NeverRisen God

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2021.10.22 16:29 manisabridge Can't get Illustrator to recognize pressure sensitivity from Wacom tablet.

I'm working with Illustrator 2021 and a used, older Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-451). My Macbook Pro reads the pressure just fine in the Wacom software, but I can't get Illustrator to "ungrey" the pressure option for size variation under the brush tool preferences.
I've tried everything I could find online to fix this problem. I've uninstalled the Wacom software and driver multiple times, made sure all the permissions and security were enabled on my system and made sure that it the Wacom tablet was enabled in Illustrator. Any help?
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2021.10.22 16:29 disturbed_sinking4 Everly lanes (@everlylaness)

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2021.10.22 16:29 RalkaiShagtten After I don't know how many years playing this game, I've just realized you can see the Big Ben in the Priority Earth mission... Did anybody else notice something really obvious only after some playthroughs?

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2021.10.22 16:29 zonaut Help? SRAM DUB Road BB w/ road wide crankset?

Building up a bike with SRAM but first time dealing with DUB. I bought an in stock crankset for DUB Road Wide. But I had purchased earlier, a DUB Road bottom bracket.
I was getting confused when looking at the compatibility chart from SRAM. Is it saying I have to has the Road Wide BB & crank w/ no spacers / Road Wide crank & Road BB w/spacers?
The manual I'm using is from here: https://www.sram.com/en/service/manuals--documents?filters=group|Compatibility%20Map,cattype|Bottom%20Brackets,collections|DUB&showRecent=false&page=1
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2021.10.22 16:29 DiablowReaper Need help with my PC problem, My FPS drops when ever I move my in-game character or I rotate the character. Mostly happens when I move my mouse. When I do all above this FPS drops to about half about reverts back creating a stutter also, FPS wildly fluctuates. GPU usage drops at this time also.

Tried everything, was a faulty psu the 12V was showing 11.64 v, replaced that and voltage back to normal. Disabled gamedvr and xbox game bar, Disabled windows HPET, Updated the Driver using ddu, lowered the mouse polling rate to 125HZ from 1000HZ . Still nothing works, PC specs is Intel i5 10400, Aorus B460 motherboard, Adata D60 16GB DDR4 Ram, Nvidia GTX 1050Ti, PSU- Antec NE 650GM, Samsung SSD for boot and WD Black 500GB game drive.
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2021.10.22 16:29 ams712 Just got my vertical labret done. Is the placement ok?

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2021.10.22 16:29 lully_miau Victorian England 😳 (her hair is supposed to be historically innacurate btw)

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2021.10.22 16:29 Galels69 Seriously, i know no more

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2021.10.22 16:29 ScearySmile Cohort Weekly Challenges cant be completed

Anyone else noticed that Cohort´s cant proceed with their Weekly Challenges?
Couple Cohort Members allready told me that since the last update Weekly Challenges cant be completed anymore.
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2021.10.22 16:29 tjofrasse Paper towel roll holders, it took three tries to get one I felt was good enough to give away (the left one)

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2021.10.22 16:29 k3mayjr Okay, this Truist branding is getting outta hand... Or are these just in bloom for Halloween?? (Yes, yes... Defective, I know)

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2021.10.22 16:29 Col_Dixie_Nourmous Tires for Track Day

Asked this over at motorcycle, and folks recommended I ask here as well so here it goes.
I recently changed my Ducati V4S' tires to Rosso Corsa IIs, since the original supercorsas wore out after my last track day session. To be honest, I was thinking about durability here, since I also use the bike outside the tracks as well. But I have another track day coming and I'm wondering: as an intermediate-level rider (decent laps, lean angle, knee-dragging), would Rosso Corsas II be fine for the track? Or is the extra grip on supercorsas very noticeable? Would the maximum lean angle be very different?
I absolutely don't push my bike to the limits - too afraid to crash lol. But as far as I read, it seems rosso corsas do the job quite well, especially if you're not an advanced rider. Just wanted to hear second thoughts on this.
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2021.10.22 16:29 MikhailDovlatov People who have gone through trauma, how have you become emotionally ready for romantic feelings?

I'm (19y.o.) not saying that I went through hell, but in my life I had been through traumatic events. I had seen abuse, bullying from parent. Not only that, but I was harassed even when I was a kid (I treat this situation as a joke. It is hilarious. I still these days think you have to joke about everything. Comedy prevails everything. But if something is beautiful, that it can not be mocked. No matter how hard you try ( MikhailZoshenko. What is Beautiful is not funny )) But Why did I become this emotionally sentimental weak boy? Many people around me who have lived through abuse have become callous, and I, on the contrary, am too emotionally weak. I understand that because of trauma, people lose their ability to love themselves or give love to other people. That abilities are a hard work, but because of trauma you lose all your abilities. But I am not a callous, I am just weak. (Yeah other people who went through abuse are weak and with callousness they "hide" their weakness but at least they hide them. ). I am failing in everything etc.
In near future, when I fall in love, I don't want to become this week guy who is not letting hehis love to Bloom. Last time I fall in love, I started to drink a lot. What to do to become stronger? What to do if you still live in a toxic waste? What to do if you think that toxic waste will consume you, and you'll just accept it as fair? How to be ready for love if you are traumatized???
P.S. Not trying to give a trauma a meaning. I've realized there is no meaning behind the horrors we went through. Learn something from it, understand it but do not give a meaning to your pain. (Diane Nguyen taught me about that.). Just sh*t posting.
P.P.S. Sorry for my mistakes. English is not my native language.
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2021.10.22 16:29 nopenopenora Seeking Advice

Hi All, seeking some advice. My dad and stepmom took in a bearded dragon about a week ago and they think it's sick, but don't know anything about how to care for it. They've made a vet appointment, but it's not for a few more weeks (earliest they could get in).
My dad says that the bearded dragon isn't eating or drinking, but will drink if you hold a spoonful of water up to its face. It's just not seeking out water on its own. My stepmom has been giving it baths to try to help hydrate it (something about glands that absorb water??), and a couple days ago it "pooped for the first time [they've] had it". They've been doing everything they can to keep it as warm as possible, but haven't seen a ton of improvement.
Has anyone experienced anything like this? Any and all tips are appreciated. My stepmom is really worried about it and I'd love to be able to pass along some advice. Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.22 16:29 Minimum-Metal-8788 گنگش بالاس😂

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2021.10.22 16:29 shaderr0 I wish I could speak and understand every human language.

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2021.10.22 16:29 kingjuice20 My girlfriend lied to me and recently has been acting increasingly weird.

So my girlfriend and I have a mutual friend group where everyone gets along well, but there’s this one kid let’s says connor who has been trying to make advances towards my gf so I talked to her and we both agreed we would avoid him. Then a couple nights ago, she went to go to a bar to sing, she never told me she was singing just going out. I then get a call from one of our friends like yo wtf why you not going to the bar to support your gf, i had no clue she was singing because she didn’t tell me, but she called our friend Calvin who is not trying to fuck my gf but Calvin and Connor go everywhere together. So she invited and told them she was singing. Afterwards I confronted her about it and she lied saying she didn’t call them or anything. Which isn’t a problem just don’t lie about it that’s all. But now it’s got me thinking if she’ll like about something that dumb what else would she lie about, fast forward 2 days and I haven’t talked to her much because I’m trying to gather my thoughts of how I feel and all that, I got to bed at 3:30 AM (where share location with eachother just in case anything happens) She was 15 minutes away from home, so I texted her no reply, texted again no reply, I called her she let it ring, I called her again she let it ring, then finally when she got home she answered and told me she was talking about us to her friends she considers her brothers. Everything in my brain tells me she’s lying, I just want another opinion on this
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2021.10.22 16:29 TartLegitimate5252 I got this mens chain in Mexico and don't know what it's called

So I had a chain stolen from me and would love to know what kind of style it is as I want to find one online to buy again
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