I'm worried about my future.

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2021.10.22 17:00 Eeepiic I'm worried about my future.

I'm so excited for my future. I've worked hard to ensure a future where my childhood dreams can come true, but I'm seriously worried. Climate change is a real threat, everyone is talking about it but pretty much nobody (especially the people who can do something about it. ) is doing something about it. I feel like all the protests and charitys aren't doing anything significant.
Sorry for the rambling, I just want someone to give me a reason not to lose hope.
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2021.10.22 17:00 Dependent_Struggle_6 some honest and serious man who does not ask for money

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2021.10.22 17:00 Holiuo Based katana. if I use it, it doesn’t kill… but If the end of the enemy’s katana… no no no.. not even the end. The very end, the little very end.. the very little non existing end that touches me from a distance of 2 meters some how manages to kill me every time.

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2021.10.22 17:00 feeblebug how is code with m nested loops iterating over n items O(n^m)?

I don't understand. I've only seen the O(n*n) or O(n2)??
Is it because if it was 2 nested loops it would be O(n2)? but that's bc it's O(n*n), so I don't know how the 2 can be m.
Hopefully that makes sense... pleaaaase help someone explain thoroughly so my pea brain can comprehend
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2021.10.22 17:00 yosef_ben_elohim Wild word of wisdom wickedness.

Forgive the alliteration. I do so love it. Anyway, onto why I am posting. I have, of late, started using a new protein powdemeal replacement for my lunch. I have enjoyed it, I offered some to my wife. It fits my restrictive diet as a consequence of several food allergies. I thought she would enjoy it, so felt not a little confusion as I watched her read through the ingredients. If I can have something, she can. She handed it back to me, and said she wasn't interested. Confused, I read through the ingredients, and saw nothing out of the ordinary. I asked why, and she admitted that she didn't want it because it has kombucha. I am sure I looked cartoonish as I looked back and forth between my wife and protein powder. It made me sad for her that she would turn down nutritious, healthy, tasty food because of one ingredient, made from tea. It also made me glad that I have so much more freedom. The cult really corrupts the way people think.
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2021.10.22 17:00 PercMaint 2 types of shills?

I've been noticing a trend in the shill posts lately.
One type of shill seems to be, "GME has short squeezed"
the other seems to be, "Give up GME, buy ________"
The first I think are those that are (or work for those) short on GME and are trying to get out of it. The second is others that are trying to pump up their stock and may or may not be shorting GME.
Both are shills and need to go away. But, comment on the type of shill you've encountered.
I am curious if the number of SHF sponsored shills is decreasing and the second is increasing. If this is the case then it could be SHFs short on GME are trying to reserve their money to keep on the books to show they can meet margin requirements on paper.
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2021.10.22 17:00 All-Seeing-Bot Psaki on Reconciliation Bill: 'Compromise Is Not a Dirty Word' | Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

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2021.10.22 17:00 Danceman2 Top 10 Isometric Turn-Based Tactical RPG Indie Games

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2021.10.22 17:00 NarrowPresentation78 ok guys lets go oder hunting

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2021.10.22 17:00 ermahgerdreddits Does the $7,5000 non-refundable tax credit get carried over to the next year?

I don't have $7,500 in due tax this year but I'm thinking about buying the new electric F150. After my due taxes for 2021 are reduced to zero will the rest of the credit lower my taxes the next year or is it forfeited?
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2021.10.22 17:00 quantum_weirdness "What could you possibly need 24 cores for?"

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2021.10.22 17:00 Hiker_Juggler [Timid] Rookidee, M, 4

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2021.10.22 17:00 Sputnik4T Así será la boleta para la ratificación de mandato

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2021.10.22 17:00 Sputnik4T Miles de ciudadanos marchan a favor de la Reforma Eléctrica de AMLO

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2021.10.22 17:00 Figgz69 Darkrai raid on me, add 3165 9549 0480 starting it in once full

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2021.10.22 17:00 Solid_Adept Stealthbeard, the legbeard of Ultimate Destiny: Pt9. The Witch Is Dead!! It's Party Time!

ReddX will catch up on these eventually, right?
I told you that I was ready to slam these last parts out, didn't I? ReddX should take his time with these. Let it soak in. I probably could've made 20 parts with all the stupid little tasks that SB laid out before me. All the times that she got upset about me not coming directly home after class to serve her or make a run to McDonalds to advance her ever-expanding girth... Isn't it interesting how she turned from a cute thicc girl into a despicable landwhale once her true personality started to shine through? Might give some of the incels out there pause for thought... Though probably not.
Regardless, I've done more than enough setting up. I'm sure the picture is painted fairly well about how worn down and horrible my mental state had become while staying in the beard-lair. One does not a legbeard violate them with what was essentially a silicone table-leg without having their self-esteem broken down into dust, right? We're gonna get to the good stuff now... The destruction of this she-beard demon and the epilogue of where the brainy trio that thought up this plan are now... First, let's do the link-swarm and the recap... And then we can break this bitch wide open. Literally.
Part 1. The Meeting.:
Part 1 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/Lu8AjoE6ZN0
Part 2. Big Clubbin.:
Part 2 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/M5Jt4QAPMak
Part 3. Shifting Mindset.:
Part 3 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/lSXzKmZ2clQ
Part 4. The Glow Up.:
Part 4 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/BXGWR70cvQY
Part 5. Blood+Semen=Cash.: https://www.reddit.com/talesofneckbeards/comments/o0b6xa/stealthbeard_the_legbeard_of_ultimate_destiny_pt5/
Part 5 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/fSKUeKC5cog
Part 6. : The Unkindest Kind of Cavalry
Part 6 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/-DNTX-788jM
Part 7. : The Slipping Of The Mask
Part 7 narrated by ReddX: https://youtu.be/ild1c10mJa8
Part 8. : The Belly of the Beast
Part 8 narrated by ReddX: To be updated
You can also just change the last digit of the URL, which I didn't do on purpose. But it is neato...
So, to summarize, if you can't sit through my word salad... Went clubbing with a legbeard (LB) and her friend (THC) (SB), freak-danced on a male friend (TF). A video was taken and used as blackmail. My head was shaved, makeup was applied, another picture was taken. I came back the next day under the guise of setting up some social-media accounts. My friend roofied the legbeard and slipped some into the drink of the legbeard's friend. They both passed out, I found out that LB was a camgirl. To assure that she didn't opt for mutual destruction, I deleted most of the contents of her computer and phone.
It seems like that should end things, but a mystery text to my mother uprooted my living situation... THC/SB invited me to live with her in a literal beard nest. We somehow got into a disaster of a relationship and she ended up pegging me with disastrous results. After a trip to the hospital I crawled back to TF to help me resolve things. Turns out TF had become rather close with LB and she detailed how SB had blackmailed her into torturing me while apologizing profusely now that she had slipped the noose completely. She was ready and raring to join the light side and bring destruction to SB once and for all. Here it goes m'theydies and gentlethems, the finale of Stealthbeard... Enjoy!
LB was admittedly a genius when it came to needling people. She had turned her verbal slicers onto me at every single turn when we were still hanging out, but now that SB was the focal point of her ire? I started to see how TF could truly enjoy her company. She was quick as a whip and twice as capable of cutting someone open in just under half the time. I mean, I still didn't think her face was much to look at but she did have a nice body hidden under the ill-fitting garments that she wore around in daily life. None of that is truly pertinent, but I've gotten a few curious comments and messages about her cam page so I'll detail that much. As for a link? Sorry to burst your cumbubble but this story took place a decade ago. She doesn't do it anymore. I couldn't link you even if I were inclined... At the very least, these revelations are sure to add some color. She wasn't just some evil witch. She was now my best bro's girlfriend, and I was very grateful to have her on our side.
Anyways, she spilled the tea about eeeeverything she knew regarding Stealthbeard. Family, likes, dislikes, her phone number (which I couldn't confirm as the number that texted my mom, but it's a safe bet), social dealings, the fact that her family owned her current residence, and of course her festering rage that lay just under that mask of sweet, placid normality. Cowards never show the rest of the world who they are. It seemed to the three of us that the thing she valued more than anything else was her stealthiness. She didn't want to have her cloak of normalcy broken at any cost. That was how we were going to break her down. We'd expose her for who and what she truly was. Sometimes that's really all it takes. TF and LB came up with the perfect plan almost instantly as I detailed the state of the house which SB occupied. It's not something that I would've considered myself, given my reserved personality.
Speaking of... My reserved and passive personality is actually what landed me in this situation to begin with. I had spent a semester at college without TF and during that time, I never spoke to anyone. I kept my nose buried in books and avoided social interaction as much as possible. Well, it turns out the SB started college the same semester. She had attempted to start a conversation with me on her quest to make friends/gather minions and I did my usual 'pretend I don't hear anything' routine. I never looked away from the book. So I didn't recognize her voice or her face on our first meeting... But she had certainly recognized me and had slapped a giant target on my back for supposedly snubbing her.
This tiny slight turning into being kicked out of my house and later on having to get stitches in my ass is the purest proof that she is/was a fucking psychopath of the highest order. LB had been on the receiving end as well. She never really got it as bad as I did, but I'm sure she was also treated like dirt while doing everything for SB. I commiserated with her on that front at least. LB was selling her pics and videos only to have that money essentially stolen by SB. So of course she wanted to see SB pay the price just as much as I did, though she had gotten a bit distracted from that mission when TF came into her life and she started making some serious money from camming that wasn't constantly swooped away by SB.
So, what was this perfect plan that was cooked up by LB and TF? How would we ensure that SB met her end and got exposed for what she truly was? Well, we'd need to have a party of course! The entire college was filled with potential victims that needed to be warned about SB and all that she was capable of... And we would be able to cut through a large swath of them with a simple party invitation. Word would surely spread and she would be permanently exposed for the horrible thing that she hid under her saccharine exterior. It was a good plan, I just never expected it to be as effective as it was...
TF and LB were the party-animal types, so of course they took the social part of the plan. Both of them ran around telling everyone that they could about a party that was taking place that weekend at SB's address. We had 3 days to go before the partygoers began to arrive, and so much preparation to make sure never got done. My role was simply to convince SB to stay at home with me for those days so we could work on our relationship. We'd have a romantic staycation since we could scarcely afford food... Let alone an actual trip anywhere.
I'd like to say that my part went off without a hitch, but as usual SB didn't give much of a fuck what I wanted from the relationship. She might've been "happy" that that I returned to allow her rampant abuse to carry on but she sure didn't change her ways towards me. She continued doing whatever the hell it was she did when she was out and about. I might've failed my main objective, but the side-quest was still wide open so I took it upon myself to perform sabotage from the inside by getting the place nice and foul for the big day. I dumped motor oil on the lawn, took a shit into as many of the potted plants as I could, took a piss in every corner of the house, and sold more blood to buy cat food. A LOT OF CAT FOOD. I made sure that the bowl was filled every chance that I could. I dunno if her cat was among the swarm that had begun to gather the day before the party but that part didn't really matter.
I thought that the plan had been smashed when the day before SB came home ranting about something she overheard at school. It was about a certain party. She asked for information and was told her own address. I admitted that it had been me, but that I had just decided to have a few friends over... Word must've spread a little bit! Whoopsie!! I insisted that I could make it right and tell everyone that my girlfriend wasn't going to allow a party. This would've cracked her carefully maintained mask. She knew it, and of course I knew it. She was boiling, and for the first time I started to revel in her anger instead of trying to placate it. She said it was fine, but that we had to stay outside. The real disaster was inside the house after all... I agreed, knowing that I would break this promise the first chance that I could.
I went through the motions, watering the lawn to try and bring it back from death. It was far too late for any of this to matter. She didn't notice the shit in the potted plants. She didn't notice the piss-stink permeating every corner of the house. The only thing she did was put up some blackout curtains that I assume she miraculously found somewhere in her hoard of boxes. If that was her best defense. I knew that it wasn't going to be good enough. For the first time in a very god damn long time, I felt like I had gained the upper hand. I had failed in most of my missions, but LB and TF seemed to realize that none of what I did mattered. The social contract was headed down the tracks like 20 tons of steel and SB was a deer in the headlights. The night before the party was the best night of sleep I'd ever had.
I had no weekend classes, so I spent most of the day pretending to straighten the outside of the house and setting up some card tables and chairs. Just a few, because not that many people were going to come. Just consider how unpopular I am. It's a miracle that those random kids even knew about the party. My pathos definitely worked to my advantage in this case, and I spent the longest day of my life outside enjoying the sunshine and waiting for nightfall. SB didn't lift a finger to help. Her hubris was one of the main reasons that things devolved so beautifully. Finally, around 7pm we had our first guests... LB and TF!
SB came outside and greeted both of them, but despite SB's smile that didn't quite reach her eyes... It was pretty obvious that the two of them would've clawed each other to death if TF and I hadn't been standing there. SB didn't know that I knew what happened between her and LB. She was playing nice for the sake of TF and myself... But even if I had been in the dark, it was very obvious that the dynamic had changed. The passive-aggressive compliments flew.
SB: Oh wow! I really admire your confidence. I don't think I could pull off that look.
LB: Have you lost weight? I can hardly see all that baby fat around your gut.
SB: You've really uhh matured since we last hung out. Are those crows feet?
LB: I bet that you had to work super hard to get yourself looking like that!
TF and I sat there, trying to pretend it was awkward when in reality we were loving every jab. SB didn't last long during the assault. LB is a wordsmith and there was no way that SB could keep up with her pace. Eventually I reached out to invite SB to sit and have a few drinks with us. She refused, saying that she had a lot of other stuff to take care of, and retreated into the beard-lair. Perfect. I told LB and TF all about what SB knew, what she had done to try and conceal her shameful existence, and how we could likely get around it. Our plan was in place rather quickly and I enjoyed some of my favorite boxed wine while waiting for more guests to arrive. We would use them as cover while we broke the Curious Case of the Masked Beard-Lair wide open.
It didn't take long for the guests to start pulling up. From 3 to 9 to 20 within a span of an hour. When the numbers reached 50ish, TF announced that it was waaaay too crowded on the lawn and the party would get broken up for sure. He started marching this herd of people toward the house. SB saw what was happening as the crowd drew nearer to her secret and she posted up on the porch, telling everyone that nobody was allowed to go inside. It was time for my moment of greatest triumph...
I had failed every task up until this one, but here was my chance to deliver my vengeance. I dipped out of the crowd and snuck my way around the back door to head through the laundry room. The cat menagerie was lounging about. I scooped up the food bowl and hurled it from the kitchen into the living room before ripping the curtains from the kitchen and then the living room windows. As I pulled the living room curtains away, I saw the tomato-face of an enraged whaletroll staring back at me. The cats were scattered about the living room, rolling in clothes, digging through the trash pile that disguised the coffee table. She pulled the living room door open to shoo the cats out and I caught it before it slammed closed again. With a theatrical wave of my arm I cheerily shouted:
The throng started pushing through the door as I observed their horrified faces. SB whirled from the crowd of cats to the crowd of people, trying to push them back through the threshold... But it was too late. Camera-phones were being whipped out left and right as SB began her mental breakdown. I peeked through the window and saw that the lawn outside was filling with even more guests. Perhaps 300 people waiting to enter the House of Horrors. SB frothed and raged and threw trash at the people now filming her antics. She was showcasing the monster that she had been all along. Potted plants were knocked off the porch, unleashing their fudgey secrets. I'm not sure anyone noticed. My shit made a round-trip through the house on the bottom of more than a few shoes. Collateral damage.
A few people started filtering toward the back of the house, coming in through the laundry room like an unstoppable zombie horde. Stepping over cats and marveling at the absolute disaster area that was the kitchen. One tiny girl made the mistake of looking into the black muck of sink water. She must've caught a whiff of it because she almost immediately puked in the middle of the kitchen. That didn't stop the herd of people from clomping through it to marvel at the trashpile that would've been my bedroom. All of this was chronicled through videos and photos as SB stood in the living room, standing on top of the trashpile screaming at the top of her lungs. She perfect berserk topper for the monumental pile of failure that was her existence.
Eventually SB realized everyone was simply laughing at her hysterics and she fled the house. We destroyed that fucking house. I took the lead, smashing the stinky mold-covered dishes in the backyard. Spray-paint came out, I'm pretty sure there were a couple of fires. Eventually the cops caught wind of the animal house our little trio had engineered and everyone fled. They probably caught some of the people from the party but TF, LB, and I, the masterminds all escaped scot-free. We all headed back to LB's house and I drank myself into a stupor to celebrate our victory.
I went back to check on that house a couple of weeks later. Criminals always return to the scene of their misdeeds... And it had been condemned. Less than a month later it was bulldozed to the ground. While I feel great about that... I hafta worry about the roach and rat infestations that might've migrated to her neighbors in the following days. SB never returned to school, for obvious reasons. She moved to the Pacific Northwest from what I heard... I hope that she learned a valuable lesson, but I can't be sure whether or not that's the case.
TF paid his way through school with the uhh... help of LB. He found purpose in helping to support her and transferred to end up with a bonafide law degree and even passed the BAR. He works with a intellectual property law firm. I don't keep much track of what he does day-to-day, but I can safely presume that he's really good at his work. He was essentially born for it. His days spent arguing and talking shit weren't spent in vain after all. We remain friends to this day, though don't spend as much time together since we both have families to care for.
LB ended up married to TF. She didn't graduate from college, but seems perfectly happy staying home and taking care of their 3 beautiful children. You'd think with a pair of wild-child parents they'd be bound for trouble of some sort, but LB's sharp tongue and quick wit have come in handy. Their kids might be adorable, but they certainly have the same sort of fire in their belly that their parents do. What their parents did to get through law school will go with me to the grave. I'd definitely learned better than to try and blackmail them! Hahaha! That's a joke!
As for your OP, I graduated with a BS in computer science thanks to LB's kindness of letting me stay with her and TF. I ended up building my own website to sell boating supplies. We do well most of the year, but winter months are a bit rougher. I'm grateful for ReddX helping me out during the in-between. Life has been mostly happy. I still carry a lot of scars, both physical and mental... I haven't been able to develop a normal relationship, but I've become OK with that and simply thrown myself into my work and hanging out with my Springer Spaniel. I'm currently in therapy and have made significant progress, but still don't feel like I need to burden some poor women with the baggage from my past. Maybe someday. When the time is right. No rush at all.
Overall, this has been a very cathartic experience for me... Thank you to everyone that came along for the ride, and I do apologize for making you wait so long to hear the ending. I'm sure you can appreciate why it was a difficult portion of my life to relive. You have all been wonderful and encouraging and while I'm sure there are more stories that I can squeeze out, this is definitely the most traumatic and the most explosive. Huge props as always to the one and only ReddX for never losing faith that I would indeed post again. I hope you guys will let me know what you thought in the comments, and hopefully this saga can serve as a lesson... Things are not always as they appear, the world isn't black and white, and probably most importantly: Never be afraid to stand up for yourself and keep yourself and your loved ones safe... No matter what it takes. I will see you guys again, someday down the road... But until then? Be well.
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2021.10.22 17:00 Sputnik4T «No seas hipócrita»: Redes tunden a Margarita Zavala por presumir participación en foro sobre niñez y adolescencia

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2021.10.22 17:00 All-Seeing-Bot Psaki Defends Biden's Sliding Approval Ratings | Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

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2021.10.22 17:00 ATLfanatic Who would you rather have (0.5 Ppr)

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2021.10.22 17:00 Grouchy-Tip-3628 Algo de ella?

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2021.10.22 17:00 Agust_D_98 Animal career question

Hello! Lately I have been questioning my major a lot and I’m not sure what exactly I can do with it.
I don’t want to head down the vet path since I don’t have a high gpa or much experience.
But I’m not sure what other careers I can look at and where to start applying to them. :( Any help or guidance will be appreciated it :) thank you
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2021.10.22 17:00 Boring-Course-6120 Just going to leave this here...

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2021.10.22 17:00 cutiebasis I think I forgot something...

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2021.10.22 17:00 nikeboy770 [QC] 2nd try on these Ts Fragment low 1's. LMK what yall think.

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2021.10.22 17:00 oziumentisis Its F R I D A Y ! ! ! A little lite freestyle and trying to work on throttle control, basic proximity, target lock and flow. Baby steps.

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