[USA-TX] [H] Pixelbook Go [W] PayPal

[USA-UT] [H] RTX 3070 TI FE [W] PayPal/local cash. Hi all! I've been using this card for ~2 months for some casual 1080p gaming (Rocket League, Apex, LoL) and have realized it's completely overkill unless I want to overhaul my whole setup for 1440p/UHD. [USA-UT] [H] RTX 3070 TI FE [W] PayPal/local cash. Hi all! I've been using this card for ~2 months for some casual 1080p gaming (Rocket League, Apex, LoL) and have realized it's completely overkill unless I want to overhaul my whole setup for 1440p/UHD. Paypal Home. Shopping online shouldn't cost you peace of mind. Buy from millions of online stores without sharing your financial information.

2021.10.22 16:51 Balla- [USA-TX] [H] Pixelbook Go [W] PayPal

Black Pixelbook Go M3, 64gb, 8gb RAM Mint condition no scratches Battery health 95%
$400 shipped via USPS
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2021.10.22 16:51 molokoplus359 EU Leaders Greenlight Sanctions On Belarus Over Illegal Migration

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2021.10.22 16:51 medved_ Lokomotiv are looking to part ways with Ze Luis

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2021.10.22 16:51 Proud_Alternative_29 Help

I’m trying to write a girl a love song but I really need help with the lyrics
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2021.10.22 16:51 FlyoverHate Twitter admits bias in algorithm for rightwing politicians and news outlets

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2021.10.22 16:51 Laplata1810 Average age at first marriage (Female)

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2021.10.22 16:51 nauticalnausicaa I will NEVER eat an apple again

Let's start with intros: Hi, I'm Ben, I'm eighteen years old, and I'm from Rural Town, Rural State, USA. This past fall, after spending all my previous part-time job cash getting a truck that might just avoid being called a jalopy, I picked up work at Boehne Farms.
Boehne himself is pretty okay, wore a tie-dye shirt and a crumpled frown everyday. He's a sun-baked, hardworking sixtysomething year old strap of leather whose farm has been his life since he was a child. "Not a root or a branch I don't know in this place, Ben," he'd say.
But while Boehne was working the corn (and the gourds, and the pumpkins, and the apples...), I was working the stand. Selling bags of fresh apples, sending families with their friendly pups into the orchard to pick their own, kicking out the occasional sophomore for turning an apple into a bong. Nothing too wild, just a cheap gig after school to put a few bucks back into my pocket.
Let's go back to the second week of October. Most orchard-goers have already picked their haul by this time of the season, but we still have some good varieties left. We are, however, expecting a hardened storm to hit in the next day or two, which will surely knock loose most of our fruit. And so today is very busy, right from when we open, right until when we close.
Looking at my watch, it's 4:48. I start packing up the stand around 4:50, do a sweep of the grounds around 5:15. So when I see a dark green sedan pull into our gravel lot, I sigh. First, a young man, probably in his early twenties, comes hurrying out of the driver's side, pulling out the door behind him to help this little girl out. From the passenger's side comes a woman, maybe three to five years older than the man. She helps him situate the little girl, pats wrinkles out of her and the woman's own clothing, and as a unit, the three of them rush my stand.
"Hey guys, uh, real sorry but the stand is closing right about now--" I begin, keeping my face sympathetic.
The woman hustles to the front. "What about the orchard? We've been dying to bring Scarlett for her first apple picking, and she is just so excited..." Her eyes are large, liquid, and deep. Her pine coloured dress flutters in the autumn breeze, causing the ruffles by her chest to catch my eye.
I catch myself quickly, looking back up to her. The man steps up as well, leaning in closer. "Please," he asks, a nervous grin frozen in place, "it would just crush her if we came all this way for nothing. I swear, we won't damage the property, take anything that's not ours...you could come with us, we'll pay you for the time."
He looks so earnest, and seeing a little curly blonde head pop out from behind the man's leg, I feel myself soften. And I could use the money, I get next to nothing from Boehne. A brief sweep over that dress and I am looking the woman in the face again. "I guess I can make an exception for you folks," I say with a sheepish smile.
Since it's closing time, the tractors aren't making loops around the orchards anymore. I guide the three of them -- little Scarlett on her mother's hip -- to a good selection of peak-season apples. Over my shoulder, I ask, "do you have anything in mind? We've got Empire and Cortland, unfortunately we're about empty now for out-of-season pie app---"
The man cuts in. "We have a little spot in mind, actually. Thank you, though."
My brow crinkles slightly. This guy sounds like he knows this place better than me. My hospitality voice falters and my nerves peek through. "Oh, so do you know Boehne? Or maybe grew up around here?"
After a moment of no response, I turn to check on my guests. Scarlett still holding her mom's hand, the couple are speaking in hushed, urgent tones. She smiles. In the twilight, her big blue eyes look a lot darker. Something is wrong. I quickly realise that despite all of the time I've spent in these orchards, how I could direct any lost picker to any part of it without looking, that I don't know where I am.
There is a shock of broken trees, barren and charred as though struck by lightning. Glancing at the sky, I find the forecasted storm beginning to clash. A low roll of thunder shakes a note, baritone, through my bones. As I turn back to my guests, I see a giant, blackened and dense, against the roiling sky. His ebony limbs stand at strong, broken angles; they bare no leaves, but a smattering of candy-red, sweet apples.
Interrupting the couple's terse discussion, and hardly noting that Scarlett seems to be free of this scene, my voice comes out flat. "Where are we?"
The man turns to me quickly, a nervous smile flittering off and on his mouth. "Th-the orchard, Ben! Of course!"
"Sir, I know this orchard inside and out. Where are we?"
He sinks back from the forefront, and my eyes are drawn again to the woman. She approaches me slowly, with a smirk on her ruby lips. "Ben, do you believe in magic? Love magic, blood magic, sex magic?" She is right in front of me, her long fingernails playing with the collar of my Boehne Farms polo. I am intoxicated, fixed in her gaze but thinking of the ruffles of her dress...
I choke out a jumbled answer, and she laughs and draws me in closer. I had not been aware of the slow ascent we'd made, so high off of her. We crest a hill I have never seen before. She leans in and nibbles my ear lightly as she whispers, "well, you'd better. You're going to see some tonight."
Refocusing my vision and thoughts after the woman pulls away, I see we are much closer to that stygian tree and its perfect fruits. Pulling my sights off of the monster, I realise we are not alone. Atop this hill we climbed stand several shadows, enshrouded in cloaks and the enveloping nighttime. My knees lock up on me, instincts churning and stopping me from moving toward the group. The man gives me a shove from behind. "Keep it moving, Ben," he whispers. "It's easier if you just obey her." Moving forward, I turn to look at him. His eyes are wide, and while trying to put on a calm face, it isn't enough to trick me. This man is terrified, I realise.
The woman sweeps forward to join the gathering, and immediately the sharp shapes of cloak hoods take action as they quickly gather an ivory robe and wrap it around her body.
Moving to the middle of the circle, and with me and the guy now just standing feet from being part of the circle ourselves, she raises her arms as she approaches the pale kindling. "Friends!" she shouts. "We are here today for our early Samhain celebration. We are here to welcome the fruits born from our trees and wombs. We are here to invite stronger magic to empower us, by first showing that we can wield it well."
She opens a hand casually as she begins to stride around the group. The pile of firewood sparks into a hot, roaring flame immediately. The woman makes no outward note of this. "I would like to introduce you all," she says -- I hadn't realised how close she had gotten to where the man, Scarlett, and I stand-- "to our very important guests." She pulls the man closer to her, and worms her way into his arms. "This is Keiran, my partner; Scarlett's father; a most special guest tonight." The crowd seems to shudder in unison.
Scarlett, who had been holding her father's hand, is lifted by the woman. "And this...darling, angelic, candy-sweet girl is my Scarlett!" she announces. A much more excited murmur twitters amongst the circle. Scarlett smiles, all rosy cheeks and dimples and yellow curls. Angelic. Just as the woman said.
Lost for a moment in my own thoughts, I'm surprised to feel the woman's warm hands on my arm and waist. "And last, but certainly not least, we have Ben, who has so kindly allowed us to use this sacred orchard!"
The cloaked figures are nearly humming with excitement at this point.
"Now!" she cries, "we are first going to create the fissure in the veil that will allow us to get our answers beyond. Keiran, will you please bring Scarlett into the circle?"
The man freezes. His half-assed calm facade is already dripping off his face, with simple horror taking form in its place. She smiles sweetly at him. "Keiran? Are you going to obey your orders?"
His lack of action makes it clear that he won't-- or can't. The woman sighs, and looks to the tallest figure. "Gabriel, will you please bring me Scarlett? And Sylvius, will you please handle Keiran?"
Both parties move swiftly, shouting, "yes, Cerridwen!" Before I can process their movements, I hear a small cry from the little girl, and a gasp shortly followed by a thud as Keiran drops to the ground. Sylvius hauls Keiran across the circle to the monstrous tree with its perfect apples, and tethers him with what I assume are cords, but not like any I've seen before. These strands are unrelenting, pulsating slowly and blooming with various shades of red and ichor.
As I look back up, I see Cerridwen holding her child. "Ben, I believe I promised you there would be love magic tonight. And also a bit of blood magic. Do not look away. You must watch the whole ritual, start to end."
With a sensation of cold dripping over my body, I know this isn't just an order, but an order I cannot deny.
"My fellow darklings, we have arrived at our first rite. Gabriel, since you have brought me my child where Keiran has failed, I will honour you with your participation." Cerridwen steps onto the slightly elevated stone platform on which the fire burns away. Gabriel, the tallest cloak, joins her. Cerridwen begins reciting words in a tongue I have never heard, but know I deeply wish I wasn't hearing it now. I know it means something terrible; my skin erupts in goosebumps as though they might protect me.
The woman emits a few guttural shouts, and withdraws an opalescent blade with which she quickly cuts a straight gash on Gabriel's open palm. Without a flinch, he extracts his own knife and slits Cerridwen's hand as well, joining them together as his own lips begin to move feverishly, as though carrying on what Cerridwen had been saying.
Scarlett is beginning to cry. Cerridwen bounces her on her hip, her palm still pressed with Gabriel's. As the blood finally begins to drip between their hands and onto the flames, the world darkens completely outside of this circle. With his own guttural ending, the recitations cease, and Gabriel swipes Scarlett from her mother's grasp and hoists the little girl beneath her arms.
Her crying grows louder, and the figures begin to imitate the sound quietly, like a stage whisper. I can feel my stomach lurching, panic in my eyes, but my body cannot move. "O Darkness, O Lucifer, O Powers of the Beyond, hear our prayer! Take our offering, and reward us for our loyalty. We offer a high price, and wish to gain power in equal measure. Here, Scarlett, daughter of I, Cerridwen, and the innocent Keiran, is offered to you. May the purity of her blood feed you well."
And with that, the woman approaches her sobbing, screaming daughter. Scarlett is rendered immobile from Gabriel's hold; her huge, blue eyes widening in surprise and hope as her mother draws near. I can only hope Scarlett does not see the opal knife before it runs across her throat. And I can only hope that Keiran's agonised screams can be dimmed from my memory with the passage of time. Roped to the stygian apple tree, he wails in absolute defeat as his daughter's blood spills over the fire, and into an intricate grid carved into the dais on which they stand.
"O Greatness, please feast on the love that Keiran had for this child. We are offering you the most valuable sacrifices that we can find, in hopes of earning your favour," Cerridwen says as she approaches the man.
"How?" he screams, his face unrecognisable from crying and Sylvius' assault to render him defenseless. Keiran whimpers a moment. His voice comes out flat and rough now. "Ceri...please. How. She-- our child! -- How could-- Scarlett. Why. She...she was so innocent. She was three, for Christ's sake!"
Cerridwen snorts. "For Christ's sake? Keiran, I think you're barking up the wrong tree," and she turns outward to face the group at large, "or maybe the right tree." The figures chuckle under their breath. I feel even more uneasy by this.
"Our Prince, we have not left you with only the sacrifice of innocent blood. Please hear us; please take our offering of pure love, a love of a father for his child," she orates.
Pausing in front of Keiran, with her face recklessly close to his, she kisses his busted lip gently and he groans in pain as she shoves her opalescent knife into his belly. Pulling away slightly, her eyes alight as Keiran's mouth starts gaping, gasping after every breath he can find. Cerridwen twists the blade, still watching his expressions change as she drags the knife down and across his abdomen. One sudden move later, the wet sound of organs slopping onto the brittle October grass echo through the orchard. I notice I am breathing hard, a cold sweat beading all over my flushed skin. I need to get out of here.
"And Ben, please don't think we've forgotten you! Tonight, you are our singlemost honoured guest. O Dark King," she begins, but my hearing cuts out before I know what horrors Cerridwen has in store for me. My body is trembling hard enough to rattle my bones, and I still cannot move.
Cerridwen appears to have finished her recitation, and gives a nod in my direction. My stomach drops and bile rises in my throat. Instantly, the two cloaked figures beside me clutch me by the shoulders, and bring me to the eldritch tree.
I stand face to vacant face with Keiran for what feels like eternity, his eviscerated belly still dripping into the soil below. The hands that brought me here are abruptly gone for a moment, but sharply replaced with a full body hug from behind to keep me still, and another hand pinching my nose as something is smashed into my shut lips.
"Open...up..." the deep voice of the figure in front of me mutters. I press my lips tighter, but a hard punch to the jaw makes my mouth open. I feel the figure forcing me to bite and chew. Another chop to the throat makes me sputter, but swallow the bite. It is darkly bitter, with a hint of copper.
The men release me, and I slump to the ground. The world around me is wavering, making me feel seasick on solid land. This is poisoned, I think. Cerridwen is still preaching, but I only catch bits and pieces like "blackest ritual" and "prophet of our darkling future."
Looking up, I see what I have eaten. A perfect apple. Or it seemed perfect before I saw its flesh writhing with half chewed worms. I black out.
Opening my eyes, I am no longer in the orchard. I stand up, and see a tall pyre in the middle of a busy street with several women tied to it. The future? Not too distant, it seems, but that brings me little comfort. Skyscrapers melting, a major city. A grim shadow appears just behind me, and a skeletal hand rests on my shoulder. "You are not in danger in this space, Ben," a cold voice echoes in my head. I turn to look at my visitor, but a terse "do not gaze upon me!" snaps my head forward again.
"This is what the coven wants. This is a glimpse at their future, should they continue on their road." A pause, and the bony fingers tighten. "Look closer and you will see no man-made weapon has caused this catastrophe. See that?" And I look, and then squint as I see blackened bodies with slight human resemblance wreaking havoc in the destroyed buildings. "That is what they are hoping to summon and control with their offerings. And now, that is the path that The Dark Prince has set forth."
I remain silent, in fear that my visitor might retaliate if I speak, or if those charred beings take notice. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I think to myself. The hand relaxes. "No. Not you. Maybe someone, somewhere, but not you."
A lash of fire whips out from a monster at least a hundred feet away, and it burns my cheek deeply enough that I hardly feel it.
"You must go now."
I wake up panting, drenched in icy sweat and shaking like a leaf. Sitting up, I see that I am beneath the nightmarish tree. Alone. The only remnants of the ceremony that I can see are the ashes from the ritual fire nestled in the grass, no dais to be seen.
I must've gotten home somehow, and in a barely lucid state, I go through my nightly routine of showering and checking my phone before I sleep. It's funny, the things we keep in place to maintain some sense of normalcy. Looking in the mirror before going to my bedroom, I see a savage burn on my face, and I think I catch a glimpse of a skeletal hand on my shoulder.
I awaken the next day with two text threads with new messages. One is several messages from Boehne, demanding to know where I am because it's three hours past my shift's starting time.
The other is from an unknown number. The full message reads:
Thank you for your help yesterday. We will not forget your kindness easily :)
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2021.10.22 16:51 MorbCrimsonius Plague posting will continue on DAY 13 a bit of black and white post today..

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2021.10.22 16:51 Lightisicus Responsive images in container?

Does anyone know how to make images responsive inside a container? As the width of the container decreases, I want the image to stay the same width, which is 50% of the container and that happens but the height changes as well and the image is no longer pinned to the top and bottom edges of the container. How can I fix this so as the screen size decreases, the image stays in aspect ratio and 50% of the container width while having it's top and bottom edges keep touching the container?
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2021.10.22 16:51 Johnson1822 I’ve noticed a replaced bushing that appears to be installed incorrectly? Is this okay?? More info in comments

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2021.10.22 16:51 abbbbbbbywhee What can you say during confession to make the priest leave the booth?

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2021.10.22 16:51 ReignOrange A question about Summer Rose

What do you think the likelihood of Summer Rose being revealed as a Grimm/Human hybrid like the Hound?
And even darker, if this is revealed to be the case, who do you think will have the poor luck to be the one to end it? Ruby, Yang, Taiyang or Qrow would be my guesses.
Sorry if this has been asked before.
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2021.10.22 16:51 oNoMHuncho im new to youtube and im gonna be creating gaming content, im going to be a variety youtuber so if you're interested in seeing me grow or joining my community click the link and check out my video

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2021.10.22 16:51 uglyswed How does orchestra work outside of high school?

Im 17 and graduating this year, I love orchestra and classical music but I dont know how any of it works in the real world. Im applying to Central Washington University soon and am going to study to be a music teacher, hopefully. So heres my questions: 1. How does orchestra work in college 2. will I have much time to play in real orchestras as a teacher? (I knew I wouldnt be able to make a stable wage being JUST an orchestra player and I like teaching anyways) 3. How and where do you do auditions? 4. Where do you sign up/find auditions? 5. How often does the whole orchestra practice together? 6. (Sort of part of 5) How does orchestra work in the REAL world
Keep in mind; I have a high school level of knowledge about all this stuff. Thank you greatly to whoever answers
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2021.10.22 16:51 Cali42 Am I doing it right? Robinhood told me I am risking more than 100k deficit for this trade.

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2021.10.22 16:51 cjintrovert What are the differences in Nerds, Geeks, & Dorks?

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2021.10.22 16:51 Vanillapuddingcup_ Can anyone remove my back rolls from these photos 😅

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2021.10.22 16:51 ThrowAway_246_247 Caught husband scrolling on a dating app, and then things really blew up.

I (34f) caught my husband (42m) using a dating app. We've been married for 2 years. I'm his second wife. A few weeks ago, he accidentally sent me a text meant for his ex-wife. It said "see you tonight." I didn't think anything of it because I figured he was going to see his kids. Nothing weird. They have a good co-parenting relationship.
Then I thought that it was strange that he "accidentally" sent me that text. He's never accidentally sent me a text before, and we hadn't texted all day, so I wouldn't be anywhere near the top of his list, our names are also dissimilar.
I got this weird sinking feeling which I tried to ignore (intuition maybe). We both work from home, and I noticed that he has been working in his office a lot more. He used to always work next to me. He is in the medical field, so I thought maybe he was doing more work with patients. He always goes into his office for that, but the last couple of weeks I went by to ask him something, he had to unlock the door. This was strange, but I didn't think anything of it at the time because I trusted him.
After getting that text supposedly meant for his wife, everything sort of started fitting together like puzzle pieces. I messaged his ex-wife on instagram (we follow each other to see pictures of the kids). She said he wasn't going over there tonight and had in-fact missed about half his nights lately (it's complicated, but the kids stay the night at her house most of the time due to relationships with their half-siblings- her other children).
Anyway, she ended with "I don't know if I should be telling you this, but he hasn't missed nights with his kids since our separation, and he told me he was helping you through a tough time. I'm sorry to get involved." They've been divorced for 6 years. No issues. She's remarried, and I don't think this has anything to do with her. She had always been kind to me.
So back to last night. My husband was getting some work done, and I tell him I'm going to bed. I go upstairs and wait. I then slowly come down the stairs into the kitchen and see him texting. I sneak closer and see that he's on a dating app. I loudly storm into the kitchen and grab my keys and drive to my sister's, ignoring all of his phone calls and texts. I haven't spoken to him since. He cane by this morning, and my sister told him to go away.
I feel like such an idiot and have no idea what I am going to do. I've built a life with him and love his children as if they were my own. What do I say to him? How do I tell his kids? I'm a mess and don't know what to do other than drink margaritas and stare at the wall.
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2021.10.22 16:51 endi1122 Huh. Neat.

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2021.10.22 16:51 Original-Dust-3244 It’s the thought that counts.

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2021.10.22 16:51 kreativekiste In Germany we don't have (as i often see in pictures in this sub) snakes, huge spiders or disgusting beetles. But then there is already a mouse or two.

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2021.10.22 16:51 AntonioandEsmeralda Also it’s Front End Friday! 🎉🎊

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2021.10.22 16:51 Karimooo2862 sasuke has roblox😳😳😳😳😳

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2021.10.22 16:51 idspispopd Three steps Canada can take to reduce health impacts of climate change

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2021.10.22 16:51 godolev I found this video in the comment section of wpkepkw and the channel that posted this has some pretty weird videos that literally scream ARG to me

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